14th international voice conference PEVoC14 (Pan-European Voice Conference) will take place from 24 to 27 August at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The event is organized by the EAMT, the East Tallinn Central Hospital and the Estonian Society of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons.

During four days, almost 160 presentations will be given and 40 workshops will take place. The conference covers everything related to singing in many different genres, the use of voice in speech, as well as voice therapy and medicine.

Keynote speakers and special guests are Johan Sundberg, Graham Welch, Heidi Christensen, Matthias Echternach, Jenny Iwarsson, Allan Vurma, Ingo Titze, Markus Hess, Kirsten Schötteldreier, Yakubu Karagama, Teemu Kinnari, Lauri Maisvee, also Gillyanne Kayes and Lisa Popeil.

The program and registration information can be found here:

Participation in the conference is 25% cheaper for singers and singing teachers (for European Voice Teachers Association members). The reduced participation fee also applies to EAMT students and lecturers. To receive the discount, please contact Allan Vurma, Professor of Musicology at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, at

Estonian Research Council (ETAG) funds Ukrainian researchers’ short-time study visits to Estonian universities (up to 3 months). These visits allow Ukrainian researchers to get acquainted with the research done at Estonian universities and help them improve their professional skills. ETAG also aims to foster the cooperation between Ukrainian and Estonian researchers in general. The support programme for study visits began in May and lasts until the end of 2022.

In addition to other Estonian universities, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre also offers short-time study visits.

More information:
Liina Jääts
+372 6675 808

The ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) Leadership Symposium “Surfing Uncertainties” brings  from 8 to 10 June together leaders from higher arts education institutions and universities across the globe for a timely exchange and discussion on how the economic, social, cultural, and political changes influence different aspects of their duties and responsibilities. How do you plan the future in a situation in which the operational systems you relied on for years were turned upside down? The Symposium will hence explore the momentum of radical change and dynamic uncertainty – how it can be articulated, assessed, and assembled into a positive and powerful force.

The speakers are Kersti Kaljulaid, Aaron Dworkin, Ene-Liis Semper, Mikko Dufva, Monica L Edmondson and Harald Friedl.

See more detailed overview of the speakers as well as the programme of the Symposium at the ELIA homepage.

The ELIA Leadership Symposium 2022 is hosted by the Estonian Academy of Arts and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

On Thursday, June 16 at 7 pm, the gala of the graduates of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2022 will take place in the Great Hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, where the graduates of this year will perform. Tickets for 10 and 5 euros are available at Fienta and one hour before the start on site.

On Friday, June 17, we welcome our audience to XXV Suure-Jaani Music Festival, where the musicians of the EAMT will take part in one concert.
At 19.00, the EAMT Symphony Orchestra will perform in the hall of Suure-Jaani School, the soloists will be graduates of 2022, conducted by Toomas Vavilov.
Ticket information is available on the music festival website.

On Saturday, June 18, at 2 pm, the graduation ceremony of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre will take place in the Great Hall, where the graduates of 2022 and the EAMT Symphony Orchestra will perform under Toomas Vavilov. Invitations will be available for the graduates and their guests and there will be a live broadcast on the EAMT YouTube channel which can also be viewed in the black box and the chamber hall.

Madli Pesti. Foto: Siim Vahur

On 5–7 May 2022, the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (JVLMA) is hosting an international conference on “Artistic Research: Various Fields, Approaches, Experiences”. Participants of the conference are artists and researchers from the fields of music, visual art, design, cinema, theatre, contemporary dance, and choreography, from 25 countries, both EU Member States and the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico, India and China.

The conference will be attended by two participants from EAMT:

Madli Pesti, a senior researcher and coordinator of doctoral studies in theatre arts at EAMT will be introducing artistic research studies at EAMT and more broadly the development of artistic research in Estonia, with a focus on the The Estonian Artistic Research Framework Agreement signed by the rectors of EAMT, the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School in 2021.

Vittoria Ecclesia, a clarinettist and a PhD student at EAMT will be introducing her research work in the presentation “Art and Rigor: Designing Experimenting Processes for Artistic Research”.

The conference will take place in a hybrid format – in person at the Latvian Academy of Music and online on the ZOOM platform.

Furher information on the JVLMA website

The programme of the conference

Presentation abstracts

From 2 to 3 May, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre hosts an international conference “Sustainable Development in Music Education”. The annual conference of the Association of Nordic Music Academies (ANMA) and Nordplus music networks brings together over 80 participants from nearly 30 Nordic and Baltic music academies. The participants include management representatives, international relations coordinators, teachers and students.

The programme on 2 May includes a panel discussion with Grete Arro (Tallinn University), Claus Olesen and Camilla Overgaard (Royal Academy of Music Aarhus) and Markus Utrio (University of the Arts Helsinki). The session explores different aspects of sustainability and sustainable development both in the context of global environmental issues as well as relating to how we focus on and drive development in our institutions. The discussion will be livestreamed 10.00–11.00 via

In addition, there will be presentations of innovative teaching methods and cooperation projects and group discussions. During the ANMA/Nordplusmusic day on 3 May, future cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic music academies on strategic and administrative level will be discussed.

Learn more:

From April 29 to May 1, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Arvo Pärt Centre will host an International Student Chamber Music Festival, which will also include the annual conference of the European Chamber Music Teachers’ Association (ECMTA).

„The chamber music festival of the students of the Baltic conservatories, which started in Tallinn in 1976, is an exceptionally good example of the long-term cooperation between the music academies of the region. In recent decades, the event has become more international, with participants from all over Europe. Students from Estonia as well as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Great Britain and Finland participate in numerous master classes,“ says Marje Lohuaru, professor of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, head of ECMTA and leader of the event.

There are several public and free lectures and concerts within the framework of the International Student Chamber Music Festival.

On April 29, at 2.30 pm, Christiane Louis (France) will give a lecture on „The Portrait of the artist as a citizen. A new vision of artistic activity in France“ at the EAMT Chamber Hall.

David Waterman (Great Britain) will give a lecture on „The Barenreiter Edition of the Beethoven Quartets Edited by Jonathan Del Mar“ in the same hall on April 30 at 1 p.m.

The concerts will take place on April 29 and 30 at 7 pm in the Great Hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and on May 1 at 1 pm in the Arvo Pärt Centre.

The 100-member European Chamber Music Teachers’ Association was founded in 2007 and brings together music academies as well as chamber music ensembles and festivals. The organization is also open to schools teaching chamber music at various levels of education. From Estonia, the members of ECMTA are the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the youth chamber music festival „In Corpore“, the Heino Eller Music School and the Yxus ensemble.

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Otto Iivar’s work “Dunes” (2020), was mentioned at the 15th International Destellos Competition on Electroacoustic Music in Argentina. Otto is currently a master’s student in electroacoustic composition at the EAMT.

The source material for the piece “Dunes” (2020) is hydrophonic recordings of various underwater sounds from the Paul Cziko and McMurdo Oceanographic Observatory. The work explores and highlights the similarities between rare natural sounds and electronically generated ones.

The International Destellos Competition on Electroacoustic Music has been running regularly since 2007 and is open to composers and sound artists from around the world every year. The proposed genres are Acousmatic Music, Mixed and Video-music. The focus of this year’s competition was acousmatic music and the works were judged by various international juries. 
The competition also marked the 35th anniversary of the appearance of the first digital audio recorder (DAT), presented by the Japanese company Sony in 1987, and 40 years since the appearance of the first commercial CD.

Learn more here.


Consultations for applicants for doctoral studies in music and theatrical arts with preparation of research projects will be held on:

April 11 at 12.00 in Zoom.

Please register by April 10:

For creative people interested in creative doctoral studies in theater, please contact Madli Pesti (, the Coordinator of Doctoral Studies at the Drama Department, by April 25. Learn more (in Estonian):

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is glad to announce that on 5, 6 and 7 April LoLa Days with Norwegian Academy of Music will take place.

During these days we will have EAMT Lecturer Maksim Štšura giving chamber music lessons to three students’ ensemble in Oslo and Prof. Christopher Park from Norwegian Academy of Music giving piano lessons to 3 EAMT piano students. The Digital Mobility activities will take place in Room D209.

LoLa is a low latency, high quality audio/video transmission system for network musical performances and the EAMT is one of the leading institutions using it, having acquired years of experience in the field of digital mobility. The digital mobility activities are coordinated by the “EAMT working group for development of digital mobility” (Paolo Girol, Innar Jarva and Nikita Shishkov).