From Monday, 2 November 2020:

  • The door of the main entrance of the Academy opens only with a personalised magnetic card.
  • Only activities related to study and research at the Academy of Music and Theater may take place in the study building. Other classes or activities involving people from outside the Academy are strictly forbidden.
  • Guests may be admitted to the building under special circumstances. Each guest must check in at the front desk (you are kindly asked to enter your name on the registration form, citing the reason for the visit and the person to be visited).
  • Guests of concerts and performances taking place in the Great Hall and Blackbox will enter the building from the Sakala Street entrance. For concerts taking place in the Chamber Hall guests are registered at the front desk of the main entrance.
  • To access the Library, please call: +372 6675 751 (books can be ordered in advance at the e-mail address:

Stay healthy!