Due to the rapid deterioration of the corona crisis, the government will establish stricter rules in Estonia from 1 March 2021 for preventing COVID-19. According to the current plan, these rules will remain in effect until the end of March. THE INFORMATION IS BEING UPDATED! For more information please follow: https://www.kriis.ee/en

Based on current information, new restrictions will take effect on March 1, 2021 at EAMT as follows:

  • All theoretical learning takes place from the distance (in the form of distance learning). Only individual consultations are allowed to take place in the Academy. If the lecturer wishes to use his/her own classroom for the purpose of conducting a distance learning lecture, then this is possible, however students must not be present in the classroom at the same time.
  • Individual lessons and individual practice are allowed.
  • Other practical training (including solo performance classes with pianist-concertmaster (s)) is allowed only if masks will be worn and a distance of at least two meters will be kept between all persons in the room (for example, in different ensemble classes).
  • Conducting lessons with two concertmasters must be transferred to a larger room.
  • Lessons that cannot be carried out with these restrictions (for example, dance, movement, acting and opera classes) will take place in April-June.
  • The EAMT main building can only be accessed with a personalized magnetic card. For everyone else the entry is denied. This restriction also extends to pedagogical practice and other educational institutions students (the lists of students which have been put together will be maintained by the administration and will hopefully be used again from April). We ask everyone to make sure that while entering through the main door, no person from outside the Academy, will enter the study building with you.
  • There will be no concerts and performances in the halls of EAMT in March. The Concert and Performance Centre will contact the organizer of each planned event separately. In all special cases, please contact: kontsert@eamt.ee.
  • Students must inform the Head of the Study Department about their possible illness or the result of the Cov + test: Jane Kreek, 6675 711, jane.kreek@eamt.ee.
  • NB! In the case of Cov +, please also provide the names of possible close contacts with whom you were in contact on the premises of the Academy (2 days before the onset of symptoms or after receiving the positive Cov test result).

NB! It is mandatory to wear a mask inside the buildings of the Academy.
NB! You should stay home in case of a slightest sign of illness.
NB! If coronavirus infection is suspected, isolation must be maintained until the test result is known.
NB! Please be sure to inform the Rectorate of all possible risks and dangers related to the virus.