Admission Auditions

Chamber Ensemble

Perform a programme of 30-40 minutes duration, consisting of 3 works of varying styles from which at least one must be performed with an ensemble of at least three musicians (trio, quartet, quintet etc.).

We accept video recordings.

EAMT students who have performed entrance exam repertoire within the past academic year are not required to perform these works at their entrance exams, providing that the members of the examination panel have attended these performances.


After the performance the candidate will be interviewed by a panel of faculty members. During the interview, the examination panel may test the candidate’s knowledge of music and culture. The interview will provide the opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate the sufficiency of their English language skills.

The examination panel will evaluate the following:

  • fluency and precision
  • expressiveness
  • technical proficiency
  • familiarity with various musical styles
  • conveyance of personal expression
  • technical difficulty of the repertoire
  • general knowledge of music and culture