Contemporary Improvisation

  • Present 5-6 contrasting miniatures and one longer piece with a duration of up to 10 minutes; both should have a total duration of no more than 20 minutes. One of these is to be performed with a surprise partner or partners and will be determined by the performer. The performer will be evaluated on their creativity, variety of emotional expression, technique, inventiveness of ideas, ability to develop ideas, ability to perform with others and their ability to focus. This also applies to vocal improvisation candidates.

  • The performer’s grade will be determined by the following:

    • Underlying logic, flow and precision of performance

    • Conviction and inventiveness of ideas

    • Emotional content, variety and overall impact of performance

    • Technical precision and idiomatic mastery of medium

    • Intensity of expression and artistic distinctiveness

    • Ability to orient within contrasting styles, make appropriate technical decisions pertaining to performance within each style

    • Complexity of program and the technical and artistic challenges posed therein, adherence to admission requirements

    • Ability to perform and communicate with others

The examination is graded on a scale of 0−10.