Requirements for Creative Works in Doctoral Studies

Requirements for Creative Works in Doctoral Studies

Doctoral students in music:

Doctoral students in music shall give a public performance of a programme of not less than 60 minutes. The supervisor of the doctoral student shall make sure that the difficulty level of the works meet the standard for doctoral studies.

For vocalists, the creative work is a solo concert, an important opera role or a performance of a large-scale vocal-instrumental work.

For instrumentalists, the creative work is a solo concert or a concert of ensemble music, depending on the doctoral student’s research topic.

For those majoring in composition, the creative project is an original piece of music (or a series of pieces) not less than 35 minutes in length.

The Doctoral Council may also accept a recording as the creative work as long as it is made during a doctoral student’s public performance or released by a recognised publisher (in the fields of music and dramatic arts: one recording; in the field of composition: up to two recordings; in the case of multimedia compositions, film music and other justified special cases: up to three recordings).

The repertoire of the creative work shall be relevant to the topic of the student’s written thesis.

The doctoral student shall organise the audio or video recording of their doctoral concert or other creative work and submit it to the Secretary for Doctoral Studies within two months after the concert. To apply for a recording service, the doctoral student may turn to the Technology Centre of the Academy. In that case, the recording costs are covered by the Academy. Recordings are stored at the EAMT Library.


Doctoral students in the dramatic arts:

Doctoral students in the dramatic arts shall submit one creative work in each academic year. This may be character development in a stage production, a written play or a script, an acoustic performance, a work of sound art or its performance, stage design or a visual solution for a stage production; an auditive solution for a stage production, or a dramatist’s work in a stage production.

Creative works in the field of the dramatic arts shall be relevant to the doctoral student’s research topic.

Due to the collective nature of the performing arts, doctoral students are requested to submit a written explanation to the Doctoral Commission before the presentation of the creative project, describing their role in the production (in the case of a collective production or teamwork, for instance).

Creative works in the dramatic arts will be recorded by the EAMT Drama Department.

The doctoral student shall coordinate their creative project in theatre arts with the supervisor of their creative project.