Theatre Department Branch Library

The library of the theatre department is a branch of the academy’s main library and is located in the theatre department at Toom-Kooli 4. It holds one of the best theatre-specialised collections in Estonia, which includes over 9000 books, as well as periodicals, plays, theses and a video archive.

The branch library serves the students, staff and graduates of the theatre department, books are also provided to students and staff of other departments of EAMT. The loan period for students and staff of the theatre department is 2 months. For other users it is 1 month.

Information on the items in the collection of the branch library can be found in the Online Catalogue ESTER.


Users outside of the EAMT theatre department, please contact in advance before visiting:, tel 667 5802.


Theatre Department Branch Library
Toom-Kooli 4, Tallinn 10130
+372 667 5802