COMMUTE (COMposition and MUSic Technology) is a festival of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, which focuses on sound, visual and music technology. This spring, the festival is taking place for the third time and for the first time it is possible to follow COMMUTE events online.

During the seven days, several web concerts, premieres of various audiovisual works and an exhibition at the ARS Art City will take place, which will reach a wider audience via a web platform.

The COMMUTE program plays an important role in the creation of EAMT students, but we have also hosted guests every year. This year we will present the compositions of teachers and students of electroacoustic music at the Sibelius Academy of the Helsinki University of the Arts, the Tallinn New Music Ensemble will also perform at the festival, presenting new works by young authors of the EAMT.

A more detailed plan of the festival can be seen on the website