Institutional measure for research and development institutions and higher education institutions

ASTRA measure supports two EMTASTRA projects (Institutional development of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 2016 – 2022: construction of the concert hall complex and increasing the quality and efficiency of academic and research through content activities).

ASTRA programme supports institutions’ comprehensive development plans that provide for structural changes and mergers in higher education and R&D institutions, the strengthening of responsibility areas and areas stipulated in their statutes as well as the development of the quality of the relevant academic and research activities (stairway to excellence), increasing the capacity of applied research, the development of services with a view to extending cooperation with the business sector, knowledge and technology transfer, the modernisation and making available of teaching and research equipment for the purpose of cooperation with the business sector, the supporting of the activities of doctoral schools (on the condition that cooperation between institutions is ensured), the development of international and joint curricula, and other activities needed for the strategic development of the institutions.

Kai Kiiv