Calls for guest lecturers and collaborators

  • Call for guest lecturer with the competencies of holding chamber music master classes


    Department of Classical Music Performance

    Call for guest lecturer with the competencies of holding chamber music master classes

    The aim of the course: to master the technical control and interpretation of ensemble playing

    The course by guest lecturer should cover following topics:

    • The main works of  chamber music from classical, romantic and contemporary eras and their stylistic features through practical experience.
    • Objective and subjective aspects of ensemble playing interpretation from the perspective of performers;
    • Methods of practice to enhance a better collaboration and mutual understanding between the ensemble members, their goal-setting, motivation etc;
    • Dealing with performance stress: the reasons for it, and strategies to deal with it, both long and short term.

    Requirements for an applicant:

    • Very good theoretical and practical knowledge of the chamber music repertoire of the aforementioned eras;
    • Ability to observe students’ progress, identify the weaknesses in the practice habits, and to make recommendations for the improvement;
    • Availability to hold master classes and seminars from 4 to 7 December 2023;
    • Performance and teaching experience at international level;
    • CV.

    Application procedure:

    • Application for the guest lecturer should be submitted by 24 October 2023 latest via e-mail
    • The application must contain CV of the guest lecturer;
    • The application must include the fee (gross) the guest lecturer wishes to obtain.

    Covered expenses:

    • Travel costs to Tallinn and back (standard class tickets);
    • Accommodation in Tallinn.

    Selection process:

    • The applications will be assessed by the Head of Instrumental Chamber Music studies;
    • The successful applicant will be announced within 3 days after the application deadline.

  • Open call for violist for 5 November 2023

    The Centre of Doctoral Studies at EMTA is looking for a violist to participate in a doctoral

    The viola part is needed in two pieces, Hamlet Echoes by Christian Jost and En
    Sourdine by Joel Järventausta. The doctoral concert is part of a research project on the influence
    of the partnering instrument on the voice and the viola would be a new partner in a demanding

    The concert will take place on 5th November 2023 at 19.00 in the Estonian Academy of Music
    and Theatre Chamber Hall.

    Requirements for an applicant:
    ● Master’s degree
    ● Good command of the English language, as the rehearsals will be conducted in English
    ● Availability on 5th November plus rehearsals 3.11 and 4.11

    The submission deadline is 25th October 2023, via e-mail to

    The proposal must contain:
    – A short letter of motivation in participation for the project
    – CV of the performer
    – The honorarium (nett) the performer wishes to obtain. Please indicate preferred payment type (invoice or contract).

    Selection process:
    The applications will be assessed by the members of the Centre for Doctoral Studies
    of the EAMT.
    The successful applicant will be announced within a week after the application
    deadline via e-mail.