Calls for guest lecturers

Department of Classical Music Performance

Call for guest lecturer with competencies of holding master classes in baroque cello

The aim of the course: to introduce the principles of the baroque cello repertoire, and its stylistic features through practical experience.

The course by guest lecturer should cover following topics:

  • the main works, both accompanied, for baroque cello;
  • the main repertoire for the baroque orchestra;
  • bowing techniques as opposed to contemporary instrument;
  • aspects of phrasing;
  • baroque ornamentation.

 Requirements for an applicant:

  • Very good theoretical and practical knowledge of the baroque repertoire;
  • The availability to conduct intensive courses from 15 to 16 May 2021;
  • Performance and teaching experience at international level;
  • CV.

Application procedure:

  • Application for the guest lecturer should be submitted by 30 April 2021 latest via e-mail;
  • The application must contain CV of the guest lecturer;
  • The application must include the fee (gross) the guest lecturer wishes to obtain.

Covered expenses:

  • Travel costs to Tallinn and back (standard class tickets);
  • Accommodation in Tallinn.

Selection process:

  • The applications will be assessed by the Head of Studies of the Early Music;
  • The successful applicant will be announced within 3 days after the application deadline.