The podcast is intended for cultural management practitioners as well as other people interested in culture. “KultuuriReflektor” is an initiative of the master’s program of cultural management of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The 18 episodes of the first season reached listeners in the first half of 2021.

In the second season of the podcast, Master’s students of cultural management raise important questions related to their field of research and invite guests to a discussion. Each episode features an expert and practitioner as a reflection partner, with whom we can find new solutions to the problems we face every day professionally as practitioners and researchers. The episodes are either in Estonian or English, depending on the topic.

The opening episode of the second season (in English) focuses on the future of modern technologies in the cultural sector. Guest speaker Sten-Kristian Saluveer (founder of innovation and venture capital studio Storytek) discusses the current state of modern technologies in the cultural sector, their advantages, disadvantages and future prospects. The corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have significantly affected all areas of life in Europe, not only in terms of funding for the cultural sector, but also in terms of new technologies, which have become inevitable. Modern technologies are one of the areas that have influenced us the most, as three years ago no one could even imagine the extent to which remote work and education opportunities will develop. With these drastic changes, it is important to follow current events, to be aware of how they affect the cultural sector and how to make this impact as positive and beneficial as possible. The host of this episode is Asta Nykoniuk, EMTA master’s student of cultural management (2021– 2023) from Ukraine.

Listen to the podcast here.