Cultural Management MA program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to move forward as culture management professionals in a rapidly changing world.

Our admission starts on 15 January via DreamApply and is opened until 2 June 2023.

More info about our Cultural Management program and admission requirements can be found here:

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre offers study opportunities for Ukrainian war refugees

Since the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre has been actively involved in helping students who are citizens of Ukraine and has offered study opportunities to war refugees arriving from Ukraine.

Although the regular admission for 2022 has ended, it is still possible for Ukrainian war refugees to apply for admission on the basis of VÔTA. In particular, this applies to Ukrainian students whose studies have been interrupted due to the war in their homeland. Admission to EAMT depends on the availability of free study places and study opportunities in a specific specialty.

Additional information:
Tiina Uibo
International Students Advisor
+372 6675 722

Psychological assistance:
Elina Kivinukk
EAMT psychologist

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Support for Ukrainian researchers

Estonian Research Council (ETAG) has prepared two support measures for the Ukrainian researchers who have fled to Estonia.
Learn more:

Support measure for Ukrainian PhD students and post-doctoral students

The online portal for applications to the MSCA4Ukraine fellowship scheme is now open. Applications must be submitted by host organisations on behalf of researchers from Ukraine via this link:

As noted in the scheme’s Terms of Reference, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the call will remain open until all funding is committed. There are three internal cut-off dates. After each of these dates, all eligible applications will enter the evaluation and selection process. The first cut-off date is 11 November 2022. The second and third cut-off dates are tentatively set for 9 December 2022 and 9 January 2022, and may be adjusted based on the number of applications received.

Matchmaking services for both researchers and potential host organisations remain available throughout the application period.

Further information about the scheme, including Frequently Asked Questions can be found at

EAMT charity concert in support of Ukraine

On March 6, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre organized a charity concert in support of Ukraine. The concert can be watched here:

The master’s program educating cultural managers, which started in 2002 at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, celebrates its 20th anniversary on Friday, 16 September.

More than 90 people have graduated from the curriculum, including managers and specialists of theatre, museum and concert institutions, decision-makers in the cultural field, lecturers, producers, editors, etc. both in the public, commercial and third sectors all over Estonia and outside. The interdisciplinary, flexible and international curriculum connects practitioners, experts and academics as well as students from Estonia and many other countries. For the last ten years of operation, cultural organization has been taught at EAMT in cooperation with the Estonian Business School (EBS) on the basis of a joint curriculum. According to the academic leader of the curriculum, prof. Annukka Jyrämä, the programme follows a challenge-based pedagogy, based on the double diamond model. It enables students to connect theory with practice from the ground up and develop their understanding of how tools, theoretical models and frameworks enable us to analyze and respond to professional changes, trends and innovations.

On the occasion of the anniversary, two books on cultural organization will be presented on 16 September at 13.00 in the EAMT Chamber Hall (Tatari 13). Collection of articles “Managing the Arts IV” is a sequel to the publications “Managing the Arts” (2006), “Managing the Arts II” (2010) and “Managing the Arts III” (2018). The collection analyzes the transformation of the field of cultural organization, looking back at the history of cultural organization with a firm footing in the present and a clear future orientation. This time, the collection, which is published separately in Estonian and English, is divided into four parts, in which the focus is on cultural organization as a field of research, practice and study, and a bunch of contemporary contributions selected from among master’s theses are also presented. The topics discussed in the collection of articles are discussed by several experts related to the curriculum of cultural management – alumni who today are researchers or practitioners. The round table will be held in English.

A book  for cultural management  academics and practitioners called “Managing Cultural Joint Ventures will be introduced as well. The  book  has been recently published by the Routledge publishing house and it is co-authored by prof. Tanja Johansson,  prof. Annukka Jyrämä and Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk. This book provides an in-depth exploration of two key aspects of managing cultural collaborations: managing the multiple identities of venture participants and managing the diverse images and brand relationships.

EAMT Cultural Management programme is currently hosting its 10th batch of students. The group of 16 students includes citizens of Estonia, Finland, Latvia as well as Azerbaijan, Morocco, South Korea, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia. The next admission to the Cultural Management joint programme (fully in English) will take place in 2023. The admission period for foreign students will begin on 15 January 2023, and for local students on 6 June 2023.

Additional information:
Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk
Head of studies
Cultural Management MA programme


The official admission period for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre concluded on 4 July. EAMT received 825 applications from student candidates, of whom 261 were offered study places.

572 applications were submitted for bachelor’s studies, including 73 for curricula in English. EAMT accepted 130 student candidates, 103 for the Estonian and 27 for English curricula.

EAMT received 231 applications for master’s studies, including 120 for curricula in English. EAMT accepted 126 student candidates, 66 for the Estonian and 60 for the English curricula.

22 applications were received for doctoral studies, 16 of them from international candidates. EAMT accepted 5 new doctoral students.

“The most popular major for bachelor’s studies was drama, where a total of 324 applications were submitted. Also directing and dramaturgy, music pedagogy and strings. For master’s studies, the number of applicants was highest in dramatic art and theatre pedagogy, instrumental pedagogy and strings,” says Margus Pärtlas, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Research, and adds: “The competition was different in different curricula, but all in all, the admission can be considered a success.”

The most popular majors for bachelor’s studies in English were composition and music technology, strings, brass and woodwind, and for master’s studies contemporary physical performance making (CPPM), contemporary performance and composition (CoPeCo) and voice.

The countries of origin of the new international students are numerous as usual. EAMT accepted students from Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Turkey, USA, Great Britain, Mexico, Iran, Greek, Australia.

Student candidates need to announce their start of studies by 7 July.

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is announcing additional admissions for a small number of study places for the academic year 2022‒2023 in the following curricula:

  • Brass, Woodwind and Percussion (bachelor’s and master’s studies)

Applications must be submitted by 21 August through the DreamApply system. Entrance examinations will take place on 24 August. Additional information can be found on the admissions section of the EAMT homepage and via e-mail to:

In 2021, 154 applications were submitted for bachelor’s studies, 100 student candidates were accepted. 193 applications were received for master’s studies, 126 student candidates were accepted. 25 applications were received for doctoral studies, 6 doctoral students were accepted.