The official admission period for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre concluded on 4 July. EAMT received 825 applications from student candidates, of whom 261 were offered study places.

572 applications were submitted for bachelor’s studies, including 73 for curricula in English. EAMT accepted 130 student candidates, 103 for the Estonian and 27 for English curricula.

EAMT received 231 applications for master’s studies, including 120 for curricula in English. EAMT accepted 126 student candidates, 66 for the Estonian and 60 for the English curricula.

22 applications were received for doctoral studies, 16 of them from international candidates. EAMT accepted 5 new doctoral students.

“The most popular major for bachelor’s studies was drama, where a total of 324 applications were submitted. Also directing and dramaturgy, music pedagogy and strings. For master’s studies, the number of applicants was highest in dramatic art and theatre pedagogy, instrumental pedagogy and strings,” says Margus Pärtlas, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Research, and adds: “The competition was different in different curricula, but all in all, the admission can be considered a success.”

The most popular majors for bachelor’s studies in English were composition and music technology, strings, brass and woodwind, and for master’s studies contemporary physical performance making (CPPM), contemporary performance and composition (CoPeCo) and voice.

The countries of origin of the new international students are numerous as usual. EAMT accepted students from Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Turkey, USA, Great Britain, Mexico, Iran, Greek, Australia.

Student candidates need to announce their start of studies by 7 July.

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is announcing additional admissions for a small number of study places for the academic year 2022‒2023 in the following curricula:

  • Brass, Woodwind and Percussion (bachelor’s and master’s studies)

Applications must be submitted by 21 August through the DreamApply system. Entrance examinations will take place on 24 August. Additional information can be found on the admissions section of the EAMT homepage and via e-mail to:

In 2021, 154 applications were submitted for bachelor’s studies, 100 student candidates were accepted. 193 applications were received for master’s studies, 126 student candidates were accepted. 25 applications were received for doctoral studies, 6 doctoral students were accepted.

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is shocked by the events that are currently taking place in Ukraine in connection with the Russian aggression. In this regard, we have provided support and psychological counseling to Ukrainian students studying at the Academy.

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is ready to offer opportunities to continue studies to Ukrainians who have arrived in Estonia as refugees and for whom it has become impossible to continue their studies at home. Our initial ability would be to offer study opportunities in English language curricula or, in the case of in-depth study of the Estonian language, in Estonian language curricula.

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre will make every effort to contribute to assisting students from Ukraine in accordance with the guidelines of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union on admitting Ukrainian refugees and offering them social guarantees and study opportunities. The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Research and other Estonian universities in this regard.

Studying at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre: We are ready to review the previous study experience of the Ukrainian citizens who have started their studies in Ukraine and to assess their compliance with our curricula so that they can continue their studies here. Matriculation would exceptionally take place on the basis of VÕTA (RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING).

Study Programmes: The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre offers the opportunity to study in the following English language curricula: Classical Music Performance, Jazz Music, Composition and Music Technology. More information: Departments and majors

What you need for admission: Please try to bring all your study documents with you to Estonia (including an extract from your current studies, if possible)

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Scholarship opportunities

Additional information for citizens of Ukraine:
Tiina Uibo
International Students Advisor
+372 6675 722

Psychological assistance is provided by EAMT psychologist Elina Kivinukk:

Additional information on the security situation and opportunities to assist Ukraine: