Admission requirements

To apply you need at least a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from any field. We welcome all candidates interested in finding new ways for working, connecting art and culture with other fields of life or people interested to work within cultural field. It is ideal for people with independent spirit, open mind and willingness to learn.

A maximum of 20 students will be accepted in 2021. The tuition fee for the cultural management programme is 2500 € per year. Full scholarships may be offered to up to 3 exceptionally good candidates based on the results of the entrance examination. All candidates, from any field, International or local candidates will be assessed based on the same criteria (see list below).

How to apply?

  • All non-Estonian candidates shall apply through
  • The candidates from Estonia are requested to apply through SAIS.
  • Upon admission, candidates may also initially send copies of their documents electronically to and Originals (or certified copies) can be presented or sent to the EAMT later.

Entrance interviews will take place in Tallinn in the end of June. A video-interview via Skype is possible by request. The time for the interview, held in English, will be scheduled with each candidate individually.

Documents required:

  • application form (through
  • a document certifying your completion of the previous educational level including a certificate with grades or a diploma supplement (both the original and a copy);
  • 1 passport photograph (30×40 mm);
  • an ID card or passport with a copy of the personal details page including your personal identification code;
  • document certifying change of name, if the applicant has had a name change (both the original and a copy);
  • CV in English;
  • An essay in English (3 – 5 A4 pages) on a topic related to the challenge/project you would like to work on/solve during your masters. IN case you do not have specific project/challenge in mind, write on your interest within cultural management. Applicants are recommended to describe the actual challenge or project or a themes or field of interest that are interested to work with during their study period. The essay should be written in academic style using references, when relevant (APA style) we recommend pre familiarization with academic journals, but also other materials are allowed. The essay should demonstrate both the applicant’s motivation, interest and aims for the studying as well as demonstrate his/her skills in learning.  (Since our program stands strongly against the plagiarism*, all the essays will be check against it. Failure to conform to the expected standards of non-plagiarism will further result in expelling the candidate from the list. * Plagiarism is defined as submitting as one’s own work, irrespective of intent to deceive, that which derives in part or in its entirety from the work of others without due acknowledgement.)

Documents are to be submitted to the Admissions Committee. Documents submitted shall not be returned.


Accommodation: Our students can rent a room at our new dormitory in the city centre. Muusa Majutus has been established by the Estonian Art Academy and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.