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This page provides key information about the term dates, weekly timetable, tuition fees, scholarships and student loan options while being CPPM student.


Term dates

We understand the importance of maintaining a solid connection with your artistic practice while being a full-time postgraduate student. To support this, there will be three-month breaks between each term. These extended breaks are designed to allow you to integrate your learning within the scope of your creative work. During this time, you may remain in Estonia and use the rehearsal spaces, work on individual projects, collaborate with fellow CPPM students, or go back to your existing artistic community to apply and experiment with the skills and knowledge you have acquired.

Below, you will find the dates for the academic terms. You are expected to devote your entire attention to your studies throughout these periods. Please note that the third semester of study is outside Estonia as part of the ERASMUS+ mobility program.

Term Dates

Term 1

20 January – 7 June 2025

Studies take place in Estonia

Term 2

1 September – 26 January 2026

Studies take place in Estonia

Term 3

27 April – 2 August 2026

The entire group will spend this semester abroad together, either fully or partially, as part of the ERASMUS+ mobility program.

Term 4

7 September 2026 – 30 January 2027

In the 4th semester, there is no common contact teaching. Students prepare individually for their final projects and can take elective courses at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EMTA) and other universities in Estonia.

Additional semester

February-June 2027

The final project presentations are scheduled for spring 2027 at the “Manifestal 2027” festival. To obtain an additional semester, the student must fulfil the curriculum requirements, including participating in mobility during the 3rd semester.


A typical weekly schedule during the academic term usually spans from Monday to Saturday. Here’s an example of what your weekly timetable might look like.

Tuition Fees

Given the challenging global economic circumstances, we understand that prospective students may face financial difficulties. As a response, we have opted to maintain the Tuition Fees at the same level as they were for the 2022 intake.

Tuition Fees for 2025-27:

EU students
Year One: €7000
Year Two: €7000

Non-EU students
Year One: €13000
Year Two: €13000

You can pay your Tuition Fee in two instalments: 15 September and 15 February each academic year.

You can read more about academy tuition fees here


We are excited to attract outstanding talent, which is why we’re offering eight partial tuition fee waivers for students admitted to the CPPM course:

  • Four scholarships provide a 50% reduction on the full tuition fee.
  • Four scholarships offer a 25% reduction on the full tuition fee.

These scholarships are applied directly to reduce tuition costs and are not distributed as cash. The scholarship value (25% or 50%) is subtracted from your total tuition fee.


For instance:

  • If you’re an EU applicant with a full tuition fee of €7000, a 25% scholarship reduces your fee to €5250, while a 50% scholarship lowers it to €3500 per academic year.
  • As a non-EU applicant, if your full tuition fee is €13000, a 25% scholarship brings it down to €9750, and a 50% scholarship reduces it to €6500 per academic year.


Based on audition outcomes, the audition panel awards these scholarships for the first academic year. Four candidates will receive a 50% discount, and four will get a 25% discount. Scholarship recipients will be notified in their acceptance letters, with the adjusted tuition fee detailed. If a scholarship awardee declines their course place, the scholarship will be reassigned to another student. Each scholarship is valid for one academic year.

At the start of the second year, all CPPM students can apply for eight similar scholarships for their second academic year. The CPPM course committee will decide based on academic performance, artistic dedication, and overall course contribution.

You can read more about CPPM scholarships here


Result-based Scholarship

Every term, the CPPM student with the highest academic performance is awarded a result-based scholarship (currently 100 euros per month). This scholarship is allocated at the start of each term, considering the academic achievements from the preceding term.

You can read more about result-based scholarships here



The Erasmus program, officially known as the European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, is a European Union (EU) initiative. It allows students to study or acquire work experience in another European country as part of their degree. Further details about ERASMUS+ opportunities available at our academy can be found here


Student loan

You should be eligible for a student loan as a full-time student, but this might vary from country to country. Please refer to student loan opportunities in your home country. The Academy can confirm your full-time student status if necessary.