Though you are attending a full-time postgraduate degree course, we do not want you to be cut off from your own artistic practice for two years. To facilitate this, you will have three-month breaks between each term. These longer breaks offer you the opportunity to consolidate in the context of your own creative practice. You may want to stay in Estonia with access to rehearsal spaces, work individually, collaborate with your CPPM peers, or return to your existing artistic community and experiment with what you have learned.


Term Dates

Term One
22 August – 18 December 2022

Term Two
6 March – 9 July 2023

Term Three
2 October 2023 – 4 February 2024

Term Four
4 March – 16 June 2024

During these dates, you are expected to be in Estonia and dedicate your time fully to your studies. Some study periods might take place outside Estonia, and the information about this will be given to all students well in advance. 



The usual timetable during term runs from Monday to Saturday. 


Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for 2022-24 are as follows:

EU students
Year One: €7000
Year Two: €7000

Non-EU students
Year One: €13000
Year Two: €13000

It is possible to pay your annual Tuition Fee in two instalments: 15 August and 15 January each academic year.

You can read more about academy tuition fees here



We are aware of the very difficult economic and financial situation that many prospective students might find themselves in as a result of the pandemics. Therefore, EAMT offers eight partial tuition fee waivers for students accepted into the CPPM course:

4 x 50% discount from full tuition fee
4 x 25% discount from full tuition fee

These are non-monetary scholarships that are not paid out in cash. The amount of scholarship (25/50%) is deducted from the amount of your full tuition fee.

For example:

  • You are an EU applicant, and your full tuition fee is €7000. With a 25% discount, your tuition fee will be €5250 and with a 50% discount €3500 per academic year.
  • You are a non-EU applicant, and your full tuition fee is €13000. With a 25% discount, your tuition fee will be €9750 and with a 50% discount €6500 per academic year. 

These scholarships for the first academic year will be awarded by the audition panel based on the audition results. Four applicants will be awarded the 50% discount, and four applicants the 25% discount. If you receive one of these scholarships, it will be communicated to you in your acceptance letter with the discounted tuition fee set accordingly. If a student candidate who is awarded a scholarship declines their place on the course, the scholarship will be offered to another student. The scholarship is valid for one academic year. 

At the beginning of the second year, all CPPM students can apply for similar eight scholarships for the second academic year. The decision will be made by the CPPM course committee based on the student’s academic achievements, artistic rigour, general contribution to the course and their following of the Code of Professional Practice.

You can read more about CPPM scholarships here


Result-based Scholarship

Each term, at least one CPPM student with the highest academic achievement receives a result-based scholarship (100 €/month). These are allocated at the beginning of each term based on academic achievements in the previous term.

You can read more about result-based scholarships here



The Erasmus program (short for the European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is an initiative run by the European Union (EU). It provides opportunities for students to study or gain work experience in a different European country while completing a degree. You can read more about ERASMUS+ opportunities in our academy here


Student loan

As a full-time student, you should be eligible for a student loan, but this might vary from country to country. Please refer to student loan opportunities in your home country. The Academy can provide a confirmation of your full-time student status, if necessary.