Main Studies Exam Requirements

Main Studies (MIX001) Exam Requirements MA

  • Choral Conducting

    1. year

    In both terms, the performance program should include at least 6 different compositions, representing the following:

    • Estonian choral music,
    • Western classics,
    • a composition from the 20th or 21st century.

    Furthermore, the following should be submitted in each term:
    1. Colloquium:
    a) performing the specialty program – at least 2 compositions from memory;
    b) singing voice parts from choral score, considering the specific requirements of the work of a choirmaster, i.e.,

    • ability to sing all parts,
    • ability to sing chords vertically,
    • ability to play some parts and sing one part if necessary (combined playing and singing),
    • ability to conduct and sing at the same time.

    2. A written analysis of a composition in the program, discussing the following aspects:

    • a brief overview of the life, works, style, etc., of the compositor;
    • a brief presentation of the lyricist and an analysis of lyrics;
    • coherence between music and lyrics;
    • form;
    • harmony and polyphony;
    • rhythm in connection with lyrics;
    • choral technical problems and how to overcome them;
    • interpretational ambitions, performance plan with a score.

    3. Two concert reviews (1-2 pages), presenting the reviewers musical analysis and assessment of the following elements:

    • integrity and idea of the concert;
    • an analysis and assessment of: a) the conductor, b) the repertoire, c) the performance.

    Term 1 examination (winter) – conducting with piano accompaniment.
    Term 2 examination (spring) – conducting for about 12 minutes with piano accompaniment and about 12 minutes with a choir.

    2. year

    Term 3:

    Exam option 1: Conducting with piano accompaniment 6 different compositions.

    Exam option 2: A student who is working as a choir conductor or choirmaster will present the list of works to be performed by his/her choir for evaluation by the Head of Studies by November 1st. The rehearsal process will be evaluated by the EAMT’s choir conducting faculty.

    Term 4:
    Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)
    An artistically integrated program of 40-45 minutes.

  • Orchestral Conducting

    1. year

    Term 1-2:

    The following are to be worked through on both semesters:

    • two entire symphonies by the Viennese Classics,
    • one movement from a symphony by Brahms,
    • accompaniment of an instrumental concerto or a concert aria.

    At the exams, the student is required to perform a movement from a symphony or a work with an accompaniment.

    2. year

    Term 3: to be worked through:

    • 4 large-scale works or parts of them, including a work by Mahler or R. Strauss or part of it,
    • the accompaniment for an instrumental concerto or a concert aria.

    At the exam, the student is required to perform a movement from a large-scale work or a work with an accompaniment.

    Term 4:
    Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)
    Artistically integral programme of 40 to 45 minutes. Work(s) to be performed at the Master’s exam are to be coordinated with the lecturer or the Head of Department.

  • Wind Orchestra Conducting

    1. year

    The student is expected to prepare at least four works for performance, which include the following:

    • a work from the Estonian wind repertoire
    • Estonian ceremonial music
    • the accompaniment of an instrumental concerto
    • a work from the international wind repertoire
    • a 21st century work

    Term 1 exam:

    a) Conducting with piano accompanist: at least 30 minutes of varying works, of which one is from the 21st century.
    b) Playing of orchestral parts on your major instrument according to the best of your ability. Transpositions will also be required.
    c) Discussion.

    Term 2 exam:

    a) rehearsal (45 minutes) and performance with wind ensemble
    b) oral analysis of rehearsal and performance
    c) discussion

    2. year

    Term 3 exam:
    a) Public performance of at least 45 minutes in length with EAMT wind ensemble.
    b) Introduction of final thesis and discussion;

    Term 4, final exam:

    Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)
    Performance of 60 minute program, which includes work for soloist and orchestra as well as a large form (suite, symphony, opera). If the performance consists of a vocal-symphonic large form (cantata, oratorio, chamber opera, etc.) then a concerto with soloist is not required.