Main Studies Exam Requirements

Main Studies (MIX001) Exam Requirements MA

Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass


  • perform at a students concert at lest once in a semester (except first year 1st semester),
  • perform at a concert organized by the Academy or at any other public concert at least once a year,
  • attend master classes as an active participants and as a passive listener when not playing,
  • visit students concerts at least once a year


Term 1:

  • a significant work by a 20th or a 21st-century composer.

Term 2:

  • a free concert program approx. 30-45 min in length, with a clear theme or concept.

Term 3:

  • 1st or 2nd and 3rd movement from a substantial Romantic or contemporary concerto or part of masters examination program (for instance unaccompanied Bach and another work).

Term 4:
Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)

Length of program 40-60 min

  • 1st or 2nd and 3rd movement of a substantial Romantic or contemporary concerto (optionally a complete concerto),
  • unaccompanied Bach
 or a comparable unaccompanied work,
  • a concert piece, sonata, suite etc. of the performers own choice.

All programs should be performed from memory except ensemble sonatas. For developing creativity students encouraged to perform pieces of their own composition (including cadenzas for classical concertos).


Term 1:

  • a classical or romantic extended composition,
  • 2 polyphonic works or parts thereof,
  • 1-2 modern compositions.

Technical assessment: scales, triads and cadences in all keys.

Term 2:

  • a cyclical extended composition from the 20th century,
  • fugue form,
  • a romantic character piece.

Term 3:

  • The student performs a freely chosen program of 15-20 minutes, containing 70% of the program of the Master’s examination and a composition from Estonian music.

Term 4:
Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)

  • An extended composition or a part thereof,
  • 2 polyphonic works (from lute or cello/violin compositions by Bach),
  • A composition from the 20th or 21st century

Estonian Kannel

The student should perform to an audience at least once or twice during a term, participate in master classes and other events related to the specialty.
The terms conclude with an examination, where the student should perform:

  • an extended composition or a part thereof,
  • 2-6 pieces of different character, incl. at least 1 from the Baroque era and 1 from modern music.

Term 4:
Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)

  • A concerto (e.g., Concerto in C for Flute and Harp by W. A. Mozart),
  • A Baroque-era suite or multi-part composition (e.g., a lute suite by Bach),
  • 1-3 different pieces, incl. 1 modern harp composition (e.g., Silmaja by H. Tulve).