“You get a full toolset from improved songwriting, recording and mixing to music business, but above all else the drive to finally get out there – write and release your well-honed music. Because the “need to do” has been as important as the “how to do”.”

Aap-Eerik Lai


“This is a focused and effective program consisting of highly beneficial and practical courses. A healthy balance between practical and mental work is done, sharpening your skills and mindset on how and where to place yourself on today’s music scene. Personally, my productivity has skyrocketed, I have gained new ideas on how and what to create. Lots of work with how I perceive my music, letting go of perfectionism while gaining knowledge – technical and creative.
This is a supportive environment, where no questions are dumber than dumb questions. Doing nothing is worse than doing your worst. It’s an irreplaceable opportunity to connect with tutors and remarkable guest lecturers brought to you – there’s nothing better than learning and getting feedback from the top professionals. In addition, José is leading a revolution in our music scene, you don’t want to miss out.”

Jana Liisa Johannson


“Participating in the micro-degree is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve made. I could never have imagined that studies could be so inspiring and exciting. The program is versatile, carefully thought out and well structured. The teachers are truly invaluable – supporting and encouraging every step of the way, providing constructive feedback, and helping you find your strengths and what you should focus on. The super talented and unique fellow students have made the course even more special. The collaboration, their shared ideas and experiences have taught me not only about music, but also encouraged me to experiment more, step out of my comfort zone and confidently share my creative work with the world. All of this has helped me to grow both as a musician and as a person and it’s definitely so much more than just a micro-degree for me – an amazing and unforgettable journey.”

Frank Pintsaar


“My initial goal was to dive into areas of music creation that you don’t encounter working alone in a home studio, and to challenge myself in new ways. I achieved this goal and more: I was able to create music in genres and ways that were new to me, and delve into topics related to recording and mixing that I knew very little about. Alongside awesome practitioner instructors, my fellow students were also inspiring with their unique backgrounds and skills. I recommend the course to anyone who needs more confidence and skills on their musical journey!”

Marek Unt


“I feel the program is brilliant. I’ve worked in the music business for 10 years now and initially I just thought I’d apply to meet new people, but I found the program itself very inspiring and I’ve learnt so much more than I thought I would – the teachers have their stuff thought out, you get sufficient challenges and you (quite quickly) learn to think of creativity as a thing you can activate at any time – which really is a game changer for me. At the same time, having a full-time job and kids makes it hard to go to university full time – this program is the perfect fit if you don’t have the option to put everything else on hold.”

Sten-Olle Moldau


“I couldn’t recommend this course enough. I mainly enrolled for the mixing part but learned so much about song writing and producing that has all made me a better musician overall. You’ll discover and improve your weaknesses and upgrade your strengths.”

Mikk Simson


“If you are looking for a safe space to write a lot of music, try new ideas with other amazing musicians, learn about recording, mixing and producing then this microprogram is for you!
This year in EMTA microprogram has given me so much. José, Maris and Kelly gave us a perfect platform to challenge our creativity, learn about ourselves and about music. I have written more tunes this year than I have ever before. I think I wouldn’t be releasing my second album this summer if I wouldn’t have started my year in the microprogram.”

Susanna Mõtsmees


“Studying in micro degree has been super inspiring. I have gotten more technical knowledge and new ideas. I like how we have had to write and produce songs for almost every songwriting and music production lesson, it really forces you to actually do it. And then later we all listen to each other’s creations together in class which has been really fun and motivating.”

Ann-Marii Tippi


“After many years of producing music on my own I got stuck in my old ways of making music and felt like there was no progress creatively. When I heard about the micro-degree, I immediately thought it’d be the best solution to my problem and I’m happy to say it helped me to boost my creativity immensely. Being surrounded by likeminded people also inspired me and I learned a lot about the music industry from them. This program is all I could ever hope for as a starting artist but most of all it helped me to connect and collaborate with other talented creative people.”

Sander Rosenthal


“A microdegree created a pleasant environment for developing my music-making. It provided new inspiration, new ideas, and knowledge from both practical and philosophical perspectives, and created a more structured system for dealing with things. I have definitely taken a step forward and recommend it to anyone looking to breathe new life into their music creation process.”

Henri Tammai