Main Studies Exam Requirements

Main Studies (MIX101) Exam Requirements BA

Brass and Woodwind

The student performs at least twice in the course of a term at a student evening or class concert, participates in master classes as an active contributor and audience member.

Terms 1-5:
For examination, perform an program of about 20 min. The grade for technical assessment constitutes 30% of the grade for specialty examination.
Learning about the instruments related to the main instrument.
Requirements for technical assessment:

  • Scales: the student is able to play, in selected tempo, three main rhythm figures (eighths, triplets and sixteenth notes) and three main articulations (legato, detache and staccato) of all scales.
  • Etudes: the examination panel selects two of the prepared five etudes for performance.
  • Orchestral parts: 10 parts should be performed in each assessment.

Term 6:
Bachelor’s Degree Examination (MIX111)

A program comprising music of different eras, including one full extended composition and one solo composition (program duration 15-25 min for brass instruments and 20-35 min for woodwinds).
Bachelor’s examination: a program of at least 20 min.
The performance of the program determines 70% of the examination grade; the technical assessment in the last term determines 30% of the grade.


Terms 1-5:

  • Development of percussion technique;
  • Four-mallet technique;
  • Work with etudes and scales on different percussion instruments (incl. timpani).

Examination: a program of at least 20 min (preferably consisting of original music).
The selection of instruments and repertoire is assessed as an aggregate over the years to ensure that at least 1/3 would be music for melodic percussion instruments and 1/3 for multi-percussion.
The examination program should be performed from memory, except for more complex modern music.

Term 6:
Bachelor’s Degree Examination (MIX111)

  • A composition with piano or other instrument (ensemble) accompaniment.
  • An extended multi-part composition or a part thereof.
  • At least 1/3 of the program should include music for melodic percussion instruments.

Program duration at least 30 min. The compositions should be performed from memory, except for more complex modern music