Main Studies Exam Requirements

Main Studies (MIX001) Exam Requirements MA

Brass and Woodwind

The student performs at least twice during a term and passes technical assessments, conducted once per term. For examination, perform a program of at least 20 min.
Requirements for technical assessment:
1. Scales
The student is able to play, in selected tempo, three main rhythm figures (eighths, triplets and sixteenth notes) and three main articulations (legato, detache and staccato) of all scales.
2. Etudes
The examination panel selects two of the prepared five etudes for performance.
3. Orchestral parts
10 parts should be performed in each assessment.
Technical assessment is graded. The grade of technical assessment constitutes 30% of the grade of specialty examination.

Term 4:
Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)

  • Part 1: a concerto for a solo instrument and orchestra, duration at least 20 minutes.
  • Part 2: a diverse solo program of 30-40 minutes.


The student refines his/her percussion technique and musical tastes over two terms.
Repertoire is selected in accordance with the student’s preferences, giving priority to Estonian percussion music, if possible.
For examinations, the student should perform a program of at least 25 minutes (preferably composed for percussion instruments).

Term 4:
Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)

Works to be performed from memory, except in case of atonal music; duration at least 35 minutes (the program may include previously prepared and performed works).

  • (Preferably) an extended composition in full with piano (or other instrument) accompaniment.
  • diverse compositions for percussion instruments.