Main Studies Exam Requirements

Main Studies (MIX001) Exam Requirements MA

Accompaniment Class

The student will:

  • in the course of each semester give at least one performance at a class concert;
  • in the course of the degree program give at least one full-length concert (duration 50–60 minutes) open to the public, either at the EAMT or an outside venue;
  • is an active participant in master classes and EAMT competitions;
  • demonstrates a willingness to collaborate with other students at the EAMT.

Term 1:

  • Perform a varied program lasting 20–25 minutes with a singer or instrumentalist

Term 2:

  • Perform a 20-minute program for lied duo. NB! The student may take the exam as a répétiteur, in which case they must perform either 10–15 pages of an opera score, 3 arias or the piano score of an instrumental concerto.

Term 3:

  • Perform a program lasting 20–25 minutes which includes songs, arias or instrumental pieces in varied styles. NB! The student may choose to perform a song cycle instead of the aforementioned.

Term 4:
Master’s Degree Examination (MIX011)

  • Perform a freely chosen program of 35–40 minutes as a lied pianist or accompanist. The program may include opera arias as well as instrumental works.