Admission Auditions

Vocal performance (Opera Singing)

  • Perform from memory the following program (the works are to be performed in their original language and in the tonality suited to the voice type of the applicant. The program must consist of works in at least three different languages):
    • An aria from a multimovement work;
    • Two opera arias of varying characters;
    • Four romances.

Vocal performance (Oratorial and Ensemble Singing)

  • Perform the following from memory:
    • 3 arias from an opera or large-scale vocal work (oratorio, cantata or mass), of which one is from the Baroque period, one from the Classical period, and one of your free choosing;
    • 4 songs, of which one is in your native tongue, one written after 1950 and two are of your free choosing.


After the performance the candidate will be interviewed by a panel of faculty members. During the interview, the examination panel may test the candidate’s knowledge of music and culture. The interview will provide the opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate the sufficiency of their English language skills.

The examination panel will evaluate the following:

  • fluency and precision
  • expressiveness
  • technical proficiency
  • familiarity with various musical styles
  • conveyance of personal expression
  • technical difficulty of the repertoire
  • general knowledge of music and culture

Advanced notice of the applicant’s audition programme is necessary only if a piano accompanist from the EAMT is required.