Interbeing. Katse

Misia Żurek



26 | 27* April 19.00
Kultuuritehas Polymer, Ülase 16, Tallinn
*with Artist Talk



Author-director MISIA ZUREK (POL)

Production CPPM Manifestal and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Supported by Estonian Culture Endowement



I happened to meet a beautiful term “interbeing” proposed by Thich Nhat Hanh that means co-depending and co-intertwining. For the first time I put this word on the top of my tongue and spelled it: i n t e r b e i n g.

There was something attractive to me – to hear it and understand at the same time. As Walter Ong claims,  in a deep sense language, articulated sound, is paramount. Not only communication, but thought itself relates in an altogether special way to sound (Ong, 2002). And so once, hearing myself saying it out loud I started to go further.

I understood that being is every time and all the time interbeing (Współbycie). In fact, every meeting is an intra-action, a dynamic process of co-influencing and co-creating each other, rather than just a crossing of paths of independent individuals (Barad).

Facing that, a desire to share love came to me, to search for the beauty through doing and thinking at the same time, collectively. My journey is towards the beauty that is thinkfeel (Morton 2021). So that requires the body and mind together, as an organism, where the idea comes with the sensation.

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Misia Żurek

Misia Żurek is a performance artist, researcher and adventurer from Poland who loves creating spaces for others. Her main interests are coexistence, collective inhabiting and anthropology of care within the performance art realms. She is a caregiver and caretaker. She believes that every meeting is a an intra-action, a dynamic process of co-influencing and co-creating each other, rather than just a crossing of paths of independent individuals. Currently, she works at Greentown (Eichenbrandt, Germany) and co-produces camps for young artists. At the same time she’s working on her series of workshops „Dance Situations” where different bodies meet, exchange and express within the guided frames. Her latest big work in progress is called „Interbeing. An Attempt”. It invites other artists to gather to inhabit different dancing scores and to spend time with the changing climate, and so the constantly changing landscapes.

For 3 years she was a part of Młody Teatr Ruchu (Young Physical Theatre) in Poznań with which she made performances shown in Blossin, Ivano-Frankivsk and Poznań. She  also performed individually at Malta Festival, Short Waves Festival, Fama Festival and other.