CPPM was founded under the belief that the most intense artistic growth occurs through genuine encounters with inspirational artists – our goal is to allow you to experience some of the most rigorous creative practices and processes currently redefining the boundaries in the field of performance making.

As a CPPM student, you will be working with some of the most innovative, exciting, and renowned international directors, choreographers, artists and companies who have had an impact on the field of contemporary performance and who continue to create ground-breaking work. You will be asked to work to the same levels of commitment and professionalism that these guest artists normally expect in their creative environment. They have all created their own artistic language, vision and unique methodologies, and share the mission of training the next generation of innovative performance makers.

CPPM was created for performance artists from all creative disciplines who wish to develop, rethink or challenge their artistic practice. There is no upper age limit and highly experienced performers and artists are strongly encouraged to apply. During your studies you will form a company with your peers, who come from a range of cultural and artistic backgrounds. Prepare to be inspired just as much as you inspire in a mutual sharing of knowledge, passion, and innovation.

CPPM emphasises that the territory of ‘performance’ is vast and diverse, by challenging the students with the overload of possibilities, ranging from Post-dramatic Theatre, Site-specific and Immersive Performance, Multimedia, Installation and Performance Art, Durational Performance, Verbatim to Political Theatre, to name a few. You will be encouraged to experiment uncompromisingly, questioning artistic norms and your own preconceptions at every step.

However, the ultimate aim of your CPPM experience is not simply to emulate existing practices and methodologies, but to move you closer to a deeper understanding of who you are as an artist and how you choose to work. Through intense, inspirational and eye-opening encounters, challenges, obstacles and breakthroughs, you will hopefully grow closer to your own unique artistic vision.

CPPM is for you, if you:

– are an emerging or established artist looking for an inspiring, stimulating, and challenging environment to further your artistic practice;

– are ready to work and train in a highly demanding environment with world-leading artists to gain practical experience of their training methods and creative processes;

– are ready to fully commit to a two-year artistic roller-coaster experience that will disrupt your understandings and presumptions about theatre and performance;

– are excited to engage with a thriving local professional theatre and performance scene that is waiting for your input and creativity with open arms;

– are eager to study, work, and be inspired by peers from different professional and cultural backgrounds, forming friendships, future collaborations, and an artistic family.

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) is a public university offering higher education in all major fields of music and theatre through bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programmes.

With approximately 700 students, it is the smallest among the six Estonian public universities; however, it boasts the highest percentage of international students. In 2021, EAMT was, for the third year in a row, included in the QS World University Ranking, one of the top international ranking systems measuring the popularity and performance of global universities. Studying at EAMT means you will be part of an institution that values and maintains the academic traditions of European music and theatre education while being open to modern developments in the field. It offers excellent teaching facilities, a staff-student ratio, and attention towards your development needs as an individual artist.