Teaching Team

As a CPPM student, you will be working with some of the most innovative, exciting, and renowned international directors, choreographers, artists and companies who have had an impact on the field of contemporary performance and who continue to create ground-breaking work. All have created their own artistic language, vision and unique methodologies, and share the mission of training the next generation of innovative performance makers.

Core Team

The core teaching team comprises committed tutors who will offer ongoing support and guidance during your two-year study journey with us. They are vital in leading essential courses and modules, mentoring your artistic growth, supervising your academic development, and coaching your professional progress. In contrast to guest artists, who visit intermittently, the core teaching team is a stable presence, steering you through the intensive two-year program.

Guest Artists

Below is the current list of guest artists for the 2022-24 course intake. Please be aware that this list is specifically for the 2022-24 intake and is subject to change. We continuously seek new guest artists worldwide to teach on our course. As such, the 2025-27 intake guest artist list will be different, reflecting our ongoing efforts to bring in diverse and talented artists. If you are applying for the 2025-27 intake, please check back to see the updated list of guest artists who will be teaching then.


Anne Bogart | SITI COMPANY | USA
Hannes Langolf | DV8 Physical Theatre | UK
Olivier de Sagazan | France
Ivana Jozic | TROUBLEYN JAN FABRE | Belgium
Pietro Quadrino | TROUBLEYN JAN FABRE | Belgium
Rob Hayden | ULTIMA VEZ | Belgium
Helgard Haug | RIMINI PROTOKOLL | Germany
Guillermo Gómez-Peña | La Pocha Nostra | USA
Balitronica Gómez | La Pocha Nostra | USA
La Saula | La Pocha Nostra | USA
Stacy Makishi | ARTSADMIN | UK/Hawaii

Guillaume Pige | THEATRE RE | UK
Grzegorz Bral | Song of the Goat Theatre | Poland
Alicja Bral | Song of the Goat Theatre | Poland
Amit Lahav | Gecko | UK
Chris Evans | Gecko | UK
Marilena Dara | Jasmin Vardimon Company | UK
Juan Dominguez | Germany/Spain

Ephia Djalma | PRIMORDIAL SCIENCE | France
Vincent Valente | PRIMORDIAL SCIENCE | France
Sasha Pepelyaev | KINETIC THEATRE | Russia
Young Boy Dancing Group | International
Greg Spottiswood | Canada
Rakesh Sukesh | India/Belgium
Fran Barbe | WAAPA | Australia
Ene-Liis Semper | Estonia
Tiit Ojasoo | Estonia
Mart Kangro | Estonia
Peader Kirk | UK

Michela Scolari | Italy
Simona Gonella |  Italy
Kenneth Flack | Norway
Külli Roosna | Estonia
Mirko Rajas | Estonian Youth Theatre
Taavi Tõnisson | Estonia Youth Theatre

Since all guest artists are active professionals in their respective fields, the list may change at any time due to unexpected external factors. In the event of such changes, we will promptly arrange for other guest artists to fill these sessions.


Associate Teachers

Below, you will find a list of associate teachers who teach a variety of modules within the CPPM course, each bringing their unique professional expertise and experience to the programme.


Anne Türnpu | Voice
Maret Mursa Tormis | Alexander Technique
Kaisa Marran | Pilates
Anne-Liis Poll | Vocal Improvisation
Külli Kiivet | Choral Singing
Anna Maria Ranczakowska | Cultural Management
Ardo Ran Varres | Sound Design for Performance
Esa Kirkkopelto | University of Tampere |  Artistic Research
Vincent Roumagnac | Univerity of Arts Helsinki |  Artistic Research
Helina Karvak | Fighting Monkey


Guest artists talking CPPM