another gathering

kogu aeg juhtub midagi

Kreete Tarmo




24 | 25*| 26 May 19.00
Von Krahl Theatre, Telliskivi 60a/9, Tallinn
*with Artist Talk




Author-Director KREETE TARMO (EST)
Scenographer LINDA MAI KARI (EST)
Technical director ENAR TARMO (EST)
Sound designer KARL BIRNBAUM (EST)
Lighting designer PRIIDU ADLAS (EST)

Production by CPPM Manifestal, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Von Krahl theatre

Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment.



Aren’t the best things the ones you don’t plan?

Or the situations that you witness by chance?

Oh, I know!

The moment when you’re so going to slip in sync with a random person on the street. But you don’t. You save it, elegantly.

Maybe someone here has a birthday today?

These instants will never happen in theater. However, what if we attempted to go as near as possible to the unexpected sensation of a fortunate outcome?

Another gathering tries to find its way closer to provoking serendipitous situations. Serendipity refers to accidental events that lead to positive outcomes, and the key is to be able to recognize these moments.


The performance brings in movement, absurd as well as ordinary situations and spontaneous magic to enable the expression of what could happen when someone is open to random actions and observation of details potentially leading to serendipitous moments.


The idea emerged from spontaneous moments in life. We are surrounded by so many systems and structures. Therefore, it is refreshing when a spontaneous moment emerges where it is not clear where the situation is going to lead. But then something happens that directs the path in such a way that one ends up somewhere unexpected. It often creates a strong feeling. I think these kinds of situations should be highlighted. From there initiated the thrive to make spontaneity and coincidences appear, give them a space to emerge.

Next performances

  • 26.05.2024 at 16:00, Von Krahli teater, Telliskivi 60a/9 Tallinn
  • 26.05.2024 at 19:00, Von Krahli teater, Telliskivi 60a/9 Tallinn

Kreete Tarmo

Kreete Tarmo (1998) is an artist from Estonia with a background in circus, which has given her access to different fields and disciplines, from parkour to performance art. She graduated from European Modern Languages and Cultures with a BA in Spanish and Italian (Tallinn University).

With a DNA in extreme kinds of movement, she is passionate about performance, interaction, encounters, and spontaneity, among other things. Currently, she focuses on what fortunate coincidences and happy accidents do to people in relation to her final piece. She is on her way to figuring out how the previously acquired skills in different disciplines, mostly related to the circus, fit into the realm of performance art.

She has participated, for example, in the works of Sasha Pepelyaev, Kim Collier, Kädi Metsoja, and Kaja Kann as a performer and worked on many projects as a stunt woman while teaching and sharing her abilities.