SeoHwon Ji


Sound Designer ABOUT IT (KOR)

Premiere on 14 May 2021 in EAMT Blackbox (Tallinn)


Human life is a journey.
Time is always with you on your life trip.
And all humans have time fairly.
But humans use time as their own way of life.
Depending on the situation, time feels slow or fast.
So humans make plans to make good use of their time.
But it doesn’t always go as planned.
But if it doesn’t go as planned, not everything is unstable or sad.
Because sometimes humans lose something, but they get a lot from it.
It’s raining today, but the sun can rise tomorrow.
It is because you can see the stars only when there is darkness, and you can feel happiness when you have pain.
Humans live in relationships with everything that lives in space.
And we live in balance with each other.
To achieve balance, opposite properties must establish relationships and balance movement as constant vibration for balance.
And there has to be interaction between them.
Only when others exist can they know their existence, and each person’s existence gathers to create a community.
So human life is balanced and symbiotic.
If there is a conflict of balance, we meet the question mark.
Question marks mean a series of questions, doubts, and curiosity that come from a relationship, and allow you to decide where to go on the journey of human life.
And when we realize something in balance and conflict is resolved, we meet an exclamation mark.
Exclamation marks mean answers, definitions, or realizations about them, and allow humans to make choices on the journey of “life.”
Decide and choose… And balance.
Humans are going somewhere wearing shoes called “feel signs” with a cane called a “question mark.”
I’m heading to an invisible place where I can feel it.
I can’t touch it, but I can smell it.
But I’m wandering because I’m wondering.
It’s within our time that you’re here.
It could also be that we’re in your time.
We are living together in the same space like this way.
Who are you?
What is your name?
Where are you from?
Why are you here?
We’re going to travel together now. At this time.
And whether the end of this trip is a question mark or an exclamation mark, you choose and decide.
Are you wondering?
Then shall we wander together?