Seohwon Ji


HUMAN (Oedipus):
Where should I go now…
I’m not a god.
So I always choose.
Here, there, anywhere, am I gonna be fine?
Where should I go now…

Man lives with the destiny created by God. And humans pray to God. The prayer wants to have a personal relationship with the “absolute man” and wants “me” to be clung to the “absolute man” and be filled with himself.

Who does God pray to? God prays to humans. God brings us light and darkness and within a chance to capture the contents of God’s prayers. Humans, while making their choices, cannot hear those prayers.

Oedipus chooses a path that does not conform passively to his fate. Now it is me who is trying to decide what to make, what to create, and how to play. Which way shall I choose under the sign of destiny? I’m the one who stands at a turning point, thinking that it’s fate to be here. Wherever I am, whatever it is, I’m ready to play. This work is a poetic journey into the space between fate and pray.

Seohwon Ji was born in South-Korea and attended the Korean Traditional Art High School. Later he entered Chungang University where he studied major in singing and acting.

Collaborator: KADRI VAHAR (costume)
Music: Alley Fantasy, Mika Vainio, Uhuhboo project, Byungki Hwang, Kim Yong Woo, (Jang Go) Shin JiYong, (Jing) Choe ChanYong, ABOUT IT.

Premiere on 1st February 2020 in Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn)