DongBin Lee

DongBin Lee (1988) is a Korean traditional artist, performing arts creator, and actor. He majored in performing arts at the Department of Traditional Arts at Chung-Ang University. And he inherited Bongsan Mask Dance, an important intangible cultural asset of Korean traditional art.

He was active across genres such as theater, traditional art, and dance, and expanded his own art world. Creative activities have begun in earnest since 2019. He worked with many collaborators and professional artists and received great reviews.

DongBin was selected as a youth traditional artist in the art support project organized by the Namsan Gugak Center in 2020 and organized by the Seoul and was selected as a youth artist in the performing arts field of the Korean Culture and Arts Committee in 2021.

He wants to create a performance that is interpreted and transformed from the audience in various ways through the communication method of body sense and movement. He also wants to explore in depth why humans exist. There is a high interest in individual, social, and human relationships that lead to you, me, and the community.

DongBin Lee’s creative performances include “Unboxing part2 (2021)”, “Unboxing (2020)”, and “I am sad about the existence of humans itself (2019).”