Photo: Marshall Stay

Lea Sekulić

Lea Sekulić (1993) is an artist from Rijeka, Croatia. Starting her creative journey in scenic arts and acting, she now keeps developing her practice in a range of multimedia through which she explores new concepts of contemporary performance. Through the collision between sonic, visual and live elements, she is curious to challenge what shapes our living experience, question the ambiguous nature of reality and provoke our identities and their placement in the larger scheme of things. Her work is inspired by body materiality, phenomenology, poetics and aims to question boundaries between extremes to explore unity. Lea is a co-founder of the youth theatre group “Teatar mladih Do daske” and a member of the newly formed international collective “FLOKS”. Lea has participated in numerous theatre, TV and film projects and currently seeks to develop her practice as an autonomous artist. She attended various international masterclasses on physical and contemporary performance and presented her work internationally. Relocating from her hometown, she spent the last few years travelling and living in different countries. Nevertheless, she is inspired by her rich cultural background in the Balkans.