Photo: Marshall Stay

Liisa Saaremäel


Liisa Saaremäel (1992) is a performance artist from Tallinn, Estonia. After earning a BA in Acting from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT), she joined the Estonian Drama Theatre, where she worked 2016-2020 as an ensemble member. She is currently studying for an MA in Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM) in EAMT. She has always been interested in integrating different art forms into her practice, which focuses on societal co-existence from an individual’s perspective. “Tiny Home Production presents” (2020) is the collective title for a series of productions that deal with a compressed room both spatially and metaphorically. In these works, Liisa is playing with belonging to the capitalist system of values and her narrative as a female artist. “I am inspired by what limits me”, she says. Liisa recently participated in Peader Kirk and Simona Gonella’s “Where do we go from here?” (CPPM, Kanuti Gildi Saal, and the audio walk project “Walking Together Alone” in collaboration with Helgard Haug and Imanuel Schipper (Rimini Protokoll). Accolades include The Kristallkingake prize (2017) and a nomination for The Estonian Theatre Union’s Best Actress for her leading role as Juta in “Do fish sleep?” (2019, VAT Theatre).