Ragnar Uustal

Ragnar Uustal (1990) is an Estonian actor. He graduated with BA in Acting from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) and immediately after school started working at internationally renowned Estonian company Theatre NO99 and stayed with the company until the theatre’s closing in autumn 2018. Currently, he is back at EAMT, obtaining an MA in Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM). In his approach, Ragnar focuses on the relationship between the physical body and its various interpretation forms. His research question would be: from what moment does physical exertion change into a crystallised meaning? What conditions does the body take to express the mundane, the sublime, and the banal – and how small or large can we transform as human beings? From which pieces of information can one individual be put together? How does our body commute between these pieces? His recent projects include the Total Studio (FIN) production “Dreams for Sale”, theatre Jalostamo2 (FIN) production “Ice Ice Baby”, and Peader Kirk and Simona Gonella’s 99-hour production “Where do we go from here”(CPPM, Kanuti Guild Hall, Elektron.live).