CPPM was specifically created for performance artists from all creative disciplines who wish to develop, rethink and challenge their existing practice. There is no upper age limit and highly experienced performers and artists are strongly encouraged to apply. We will be accepting a maximum of 18 students every two years so that we can give our full attention and support for the entire duration of your studies.


Admission Schedule

Application process opens – 1 November 2021
Application deadline – 31 January 2022
Auditions – March/April 2022
Audition results – 1 May 2022
Accepting your place on the course – 20 May 2022
Course commencement – 22 August 2022


Entry Requirements

To be considered for the programme, you must have:

  • An undergraduate degree. This will ideally be in a relevant performing arts discipline, however, other undergraduate degrees may be considered if you can provide a sufficient portfolio of previous creative practice and experience.
  • Preferably three years of relevant professional experience.


Application Form

All applications should be submitted online via Dream Apply Estonia platform. 

The deadline for submitting the online application is 31 January 2022. You can start, save, edit and return to your application at any time before the submission deadline.

Please note that we cannot accept any applications received after the deadline.

All applications will be responded to by the 5th of February. However, we endeavour to contact applicants as soon as possible following their application submission to allow travel arrangements to be made.


Supporting Documents

Please provide the following material with your online application

1) A Curriculum Vitae giving a thorough overview of your previous education, artistic practice and professional experience.

2) An Artistic Portfolio of your creative work. Please submit links within the Media section of your online application.

3) A Statement of Motivation, explaining:

    • Who you are, why you are applying for this course, why now, and how attending CPPM would further your artistic development.
    • What your current artistic questions, interests, and challenges are that you would like to tackle during the two years. 

This may be submitted either in written form and uploaded to the online application; or as a self-tape (max. 10 mins) that you may upload with your Artistic Portfolio.

4) Copies of your qualifications from previous studies (degree certificates and transcripts) issued or officially translated into English. 

5) A copy of your passport.

6) Proof of English language proficiency. We expect a minimum standard as certified by the IELTS 6.5, Cambridge Advanced English (CAE), Cambridge Proficiency English (CPE) or any other B2/C1/C2 level certification. You can apply for the course without having your language proficiency certificate, but you will need to have achieved the required level before commencing any studies.
If your previous education has been in English, you are exempt from this requirement.  

7) Two references from those who are familiar with your artistic work. Referees will be invited to submit their reference confidentially through the email addresses you provide and you will be notified when they are submitted. 

8) An application fee of €50. After submitting your online application, we will email you an invoice with bank details for the payment of your application fee. Please note that the admission team will not be able to consider your application before we have received the application fee.

Be sure that your submitted application is complete and gives a good overview of your professional experience, artistic vision and creative ambition. Successful candidates will be invited to the next stage of the application process – audition.



If your application has been successful, you will be invited to take part in one of our international auditions:

7-9  March 2022

Tallinn (Estonia)

10-12 March 2022

Tallinn (Estonia)

14-16 March 2022

Berlin (Germany)

18-20 March 2022

Milan (Italy)

23-25 March 2022

London (United Kingdom)

1-3 April 2022

Melbourne (Australia)

15-17 April 2022

Seoul (South Korea)

In your online application, we will ask for your audition location preferences. 

Auditions will run over three consecutive days in small groups, and you are expected to be there for all three days. Auditions will include a variety of workshops, creative tasks and an interview. Details about the process – including what to prepare – will be sent to invited candidates by 15 February 2022. Applicants are responsible for their travel and accommodation arrangements.



CPPM auditions will strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of each respective country that they will take place in. All applicants will be informed of these requirements prior to the audition, and are expected to follow them accordingly.

At this stage, there are no plans to hold online auditions, however, subject to changing circumstances this may be revised in due course. All relevant applicants will be informed if any such change is to take place.


Audition Results

We aim to let all applicants know about the audition results by 1 May 2022. The decision will be one of the following:

  • We make you an offer to study on the course. After receiving your offer, you have three weeks to accept or decline. Please note that you are not able to defer your study place. 
  • You have been placed on the waiting list. We aim to let you know the final outcome by 1 June 2022.
  • Your application has been unsuccessful

Please note that the admission panel is not able to give any individual feedback about your performance in the audition. 

If you have any questions about the application process, supporting documents or auditions, please contact us via email info_cppm@eamt.ee or call us +(372) 6675 733.