Pall on elu

Jennifer Bagg




12 | 13 | 14* | 15 March 19.00
EAMT black box
*with Artist Talk



Author-Director JENNIFER BAGG (AUS)
Lighting Designer ROMMI RUTTAS (EST)
Scenographers ERE KAMA (EST) and KADRI JOALA (EST)

Production CPPM Manifestal, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Von Krahl Theatre

Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment and JAIK




A bead of sweat drips down his forehead. Down. Down. Into the pit. The thick of it. The arena. The chessboard. The game. The players weave in and out of each other as entire universes are swung, thrust, and thrown. It takes one bad ball. Just one. To ruin it all. 

Taking loose inspiration from the Vedantic concept of existence, for which the border between the real and the illusionary playfully bounces, eluding our perception, BALL IS LIFE delves into the apparent impossibility of establishing a certain identity in a rapidly changing environment without taking existence by the balls. 

Red cards, yellow cards, orange cards, blue. Who holds the rulebook and how does it concern you? 

Jennifer Bagg, is a dynamic performance maker from Australia, bringing her embodied reflection on the divisive “art vs. sport” culture to Tallinn for her final project for her Contemporary Physical Performance Making master’s degree, PALL ON ELU.  

BALL IS LIFE is a performance in English and is open to guests who are +16. 

Jennifer Bagg

Jennifer Bagg (1998) is an Australian artist, theatre-maker, actor, dancer and director. Having earned a Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), she was recognised with the ‘Up and Coming Director’ Award (2019). 

Her original collaborative work and performances have been featured across Australia. Contributing to 8 Perth Fringe World Festival shows in just 4 years with 2 ‘Theatre Weekly’ awards for With Fire In Her Heart: The Edith Cowan Story (2021) and 3°  (2020), the latter which she directed. Her practice led her to working with established companies Dead Puppet Society Academy and The Farm across state-lines in Brisbane Festival (2020) and Perth Festival (2022). Prior to moving to Europe, her work was anchored in youth development at Barking Gecko Theatre Company and through her own independent project fully financially supported by DLGSC, Wild Places Elsewhere (2021). 

Her current artistic research is motivated by continuing to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary expression further betwixt the different games of our time. She relishes in creating from the unknown, in the power of the invisible and the body as eternal source more than ever as she prepares to graduate with a Master’s in Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM) from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.