Osta mind

DongBin Lee



29 | 30 | 31* March | 1 April 19.00
EMTA black box
*followed by Artist Talk



Author, director and performer DONGBIN LEE (KOR)
Scenography assistant
Lighting designer PRIIDU ADLAS (EST)
Sound designer

Production CPPM Manifestal and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment



The last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees was 6 million years ago. The first use of stone tools, 2.5 million years ago. The beginning of the agricultural revolution, 12,000 years ago. The scientific revolution, 500 years ago. The industrial revolution, 200 years ago. Marketing, 100 years ago. The first personal computer, 50 years ago. Dongbin Lee, around 30 years ago. And now, humans stand at the peak of continuous evolution yet life’s form is determined by intelligent design rather than natural selection.


And you got to…
Upgrade your Physical ability
And try to sell your augmented self
Upgrade your Social skills
And try to sell your new self
Upgrade your Intellectual ability
And try a new marketing strategy
Upgrade your Artistry
Upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade


BUY ME presents a satirical and aesthetic paradigm of a dystopia regarding the commodification value of existing evolved humanity. The performers ask themselves questions of agency in a post-human scenario, where the value of being a human among celestial beings struggles to emerge.


This performance is not recommended for people under 16 years old.

Several scenes may offend the sensibilities of certain people in the audience (physical violence, nudity).

DongBin Lee

DongBin Lee (1988) is a traditional Korean artist currently residing in Tallinn, Estonia. His work focuses on performative arts, as a director, actor, and creator.

He majored in performing arts at Chung-Ang University’s Department of Traditional Arts. He inherited the Bongsan mask dance, an important intangible cultural asset of Korean traditional art, which has recently been declared an intangible heritage of humanity.

His interest leads him to explore theatre, art and traditional dance while expanding his artistic world. He works with various collaborators in Korea and Europe, and his work has received great reviews. Dongbin was selected as an emerging traditional artist in the art support project organised by the Namsan Gugak Center in Seoul in 2020 and was selected as an emerging artist in the field of performing arts by the Korea Culture and Arts Committee in 2021.

Dongbin works to create a performance that is interpreted and transformed by the audience in various ways, focusing on expressive abilities and a sense of body and movement. He also wants to explore in depth why humans exist. He has a keen interest in the individual, social, and human relationships that lead to you, me, and the community. He is the creator and performer of various performances, including: “A Grain of Rice (2022)”, “Unboxing Part 2 (2021)”, “Unboxing (2020)” and “The Very Existence of a Human Being is Sad (2019)”.