Rob Hayden (ULTIMA VEZ)



Open class
17.03.2023 19:00 black box


Rob Hayden, originally from the United States, spent 13 years as a nationally competitive gymnast before enrolling in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program for theatre and contemporary dance at the University of New Mexico in 1991. In 2002, he became a member of Ultima Vez and performed in various creations and revivals, including Blush, Sonic Boom, PUUR, Spiegel, and What the Body Does Not Remember, among others.

Since 2009, Rob has worked as a director, choreographer, performer, dramaturgical assistant, and sound composer with numerous local and international artists and organizations throughout Europe and beyond. He has also taught at several higher education institutions, including PARTS, SEAD, Performact, CCJC Toulouse, and ArtEZ Arnhem. In addition, he regularly conducts workshops at various festivals and studios worldwide, such as B12 Berlin, Paris Summer Academy, and Gate8. Since 2018, he has been a member of the CID (Conseil International de la Danse).

Rob’s creative and pedagogic work is informed by his 30 years of research and experience in performance, dance, theatre, sound composition, martial arts, therapeutic massage, meditation, and, most recently, Saphire® Imagery at the School of Images in New York. Currently based in Brussels, he continues to offer workshops internationally. 



Ultima Vez is a dance company that was established in the mid-eighties by Wim Vandekeybus, a choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, and photographer. The company showcases Vandekeybus’s unique style of movement, which explores themes such as the conflict between body and mind, feeling and intellect, and group and individual. His performances are dynamic and full of conflict, exemplifying a language of movement that contrasts intuition, impulse, and instinct with energy, risk, and danger.

Vandekeybus’s performances take the form of associative montages that cross borders between disciplines while maintaining their strong-rooted autonomy. Live music and video/film are integrated into his theatrical expression, often serving as the driving force behind the performances. Vandekeybus has collaborated with several musicians, including Thierry De Mey, Peter Vermeersch, and David Byrne. He has also created short films like Blush and Monkey Sandwich, as well as his first feature film, Galloping Mind.

Over time, Vandekeybus has developed a stronger narrative style that presents coherent fables with a broader scope, frequently revolving around community, individuals, and conflict. His recent work, including Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour and TrapTown, reveals his profound concern about the current global political state. Every one of Vandekeybus’s performances marks his quest for new forms rooted in the essential energy of the body itself. Ultima Vez’s performances are highly acclaimed, not only in Belgium but also around the world.