Dongbin Lee


Created and performed by Dongbin Lee
Sound Designer: ABOUT IT
Lighting design: Rommi Ruttas, Jari Matsi



Who am I? Where am I and what is happening?

We are constantly longing for existence. Because we don’t know exactly what it takes to confirm our existence or what makes us exist.

So where can we find our existence?

Humans are subjects and are assigned to naturalistic and mechanistic explanations of the various capacities and states of human cognition and emotion. Humans are made up of moving microscopic objects, so movement explains everything about people. Since life itself is a kind of movement, the cessation of movement means death. The most basic human need is the desire to live.

Human beings must live life in a way that is constantly occurring, balancing, choosing, giving up, acknowledging, and finding their own hope in it.

It’s like a universe of grains of rice.


Thanks to: Jüri Nael, Giacomo Veronesi, CPPM family and all the guest artists.