Elo Järv


Created and performed by Elo Järv
With the help of: Rebecca McCarthy
Lighting design: Rommi Ruttas, Jari Matsi


Zoomed in eye. Zoomed in blinking. Zoomed in smile. Zoomed in wrinkles. Zoomed in cold sores. Zoomed in nose-blowing. Zoomed in tears. Zoomed in hiding tears. Zoomed in listening intently. Zoomed in listening intently (faked). Zoomed in listening intently while posting a picture on Instagram. Zooming in on your crush on a Zoom call. Imagining your crush zooming in on you. Zoomed in dissatisfaction. Zoomed in fear. Zoomed in heartbreak. Zoomed in perfect reaction to heartbreak.

Zoomed in perfect reaction to any situation.


Thank you: family and CPPM family, guest artists and Giacomo and Jüri, Margot and Alex and Linda and Maarja and Merlin and Maria and Roos