Lea Sekulić



“Well my little traitors it is not in vain that you have cried
Carve you from my heart I will
My flesh and blood, My memory, My loved ones.
Wounds and scars make good poison.
Why are you screaming
Worse than death is being old
You’d kiss the hand that brings you death
were you to know what life is like That was Corinth.
Who are you
Which animal is that hiding in your eyes
Pretending to be dead”
“Medea Material” by Heiner Müller

Lea Sekulić is an artist from Croatia. Being born in a country with a divided identity, she found hers in the world of art. In 2018 she graduated from Academy of Arts in Banja Luka (Bosnia & Herzegovina) where she revived her long lost connection with Balkan roots and met her true friends and colleagues who are now together in a company that breaks borders and national captivity. Adventurer, seeker, traveller, lover of life, she seeks poetry in madness and loves being lost. Smiles a lot. Cries a lot. Is inspired by flowers. 

Text: „Medea Material’’ by HEINER MÜLLER 

Music: Gabi Novak, Claude Debussy, Sophie 

Premiere on 1st February 2020 in Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn)