Seren Oroszvary

I am working with the tragedy of Cassandra. In trying to win her favour, Apollo grants Cassandra the gift of prophecy, but after rejecting the God, she is given the curse of no one ever believing her. Although her speech is true, she is incomprehensible to all those around her. Her destiny is determined by powers beyond her control, which she ironically chose for herself. This piece is about moving toward something you long for in life and that you may never reach. It is about yearning for a voice you may never find or one that may never be heard but keeps you going. Hope? Desire? Nevertheless, the moving forward must be enough. Further inspirations include the poetry of Sylvia Plath and the self-ironic venture and death of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid”. 

Seren Oroszvary is with Hungarian-Irish background. After completing a BA in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne, Seren relocated overseas. She played at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Almeida Theatre Young Company. She then continued in Copenhagen where she completed a Diploma in Voice and Drama at København’s Film & Teaterskole and later working as an actor with the House of International Theatre. Seren is Co-Founder/ Director of Balloon Head Theatre, for which she wrote and directed ‘Raffles on Capri’, a musical premiere inspired by songs of the band Benny & The Dukes. Seren performed with Melbourne University Shakespeare Company, NIDA Actors’ Studio and La Mama and has played in Australian, Danish and Swedish films. She is now seeking out how physical theatre enables her to tap into new ways of working on screen and stage. 

Text: „The Bell Jar and Ariel“ by SYLVIA PLATH, „Agamemnon“ by AESCHYLUS (translated by G. Murray)
Collaborators: MIRKKU MATTINEN (Cello, Composer)
A special thanks to Liisbeth Kala for life and title inspiration. 

Premiere on 1st February 2020 in Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn)