Photo: Marshall Stay

Iveta Pole

Iveta Pole (1981) is a Latvian performance artist and actor. Having earned BA in Stage Acting at the Latvian Academy of Culture, she began her career at the New Riga Theatre. Being part of one of the most acclaimed acting troupes in Latvia has been an excellent platform for mastering the actor’s profession. Iveta first earned recognition in 2005 when she received the Latvian Theatre Award for “Best New Actor”. Following this, she performed with the New Riga Theatre both in Europe and overseas at numerous performances and festivals and starring in both local and foreign cinema. Her collaboration with Latvian movie director Juris Poškus proved to be successful, twice winning her Best Actress at the Lielais Kristaps National Film Awards for her roles in ”Monotony” (2007) and ”Kolka Cool” (2011). Although her previous education and field of activity have been rooted specifically in acting, Iveta always has been intrigued by interdisciplinary artistic expressions, which is why she sought to develop herself beyond theatre and cinema boundaries. Her interest has now shifted to exploring the unknown territories between art disciplines and their set of rules. The desire to create her artistic practice led to MA studies in CPPM at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, which served as an excellent new platform for analysing the potential of strategies for different artistic expressions.