Sofia Filippou

Sofia Filippou (Σofia) works as an independent dance artist. She makes dances to understand life. For the past 26 years, 11 months (and counting), she has been studying how to be in the world as a human, as a body, as a dance.

The core of her practice consists of contemporary dance, contact improvisation, somatic studies, performance art, and argentine tango. She often experiments with other mediums such as creative writing, drawing and film making.

She holds a BA Dance and Drama degree at Royal Holloway uol. Over the past few years she has been making solo work (O (or a small glimpse of someone’s eternity), The Performance, MANIFESTO: an improvisation) and engaging in collaborations with various artists (incl Marie Chabert (Phe-NoumeNOW, 2019) Vinicius Salles (OX, 2017) and Tate Modern (Tate Exchange 2017-18), Emilia Robinson becoming animal and Eline Selgis (ABOUT US: choreographies of hugging 2022)). She is part of the performance making duo Eva O. & Σofia. Their works include: award winning durational dance performance Untitled. 2019. (Body, water, found objects, food, watercolour, ink, tape, fabric. 100×100), 2019mutual agreement, 2019, and where does the point go when we miss it, 2021.

Since her residency in 2020, she has been an active curatorial member of the TantsuRUUM artist organisation, and is based in Tallinn, Estonia, where she continues to develop her movement and creative practice and indulge in her favourite things.

She is currently undertaking the Master of Arts (MA) – Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM) at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (2022-2024).

Sofia’s works derive from physicality and the dynamics between sensing and perceiving. She aims to get bodies into dialogue. She likes bodies. She also likes games, riddles, jokes, hanging out with plants, moss, fungi, everything about the sea, hiking, and speaking into a microphone.

Sometimes she likes to sing.

She always likes to dance.