Our doctoral students participate in creative and research projects that have garnered recognition both at home in Estonia and abroad. Several research projects of our doctoral candidates in musicology have received funding from the Estonian Science Foundation (Eesti Teadusfond). Our doctoral school with the support of EMTA is helping to develop and define the field of artistic research. In 2014 EMTA launched a comprehensive research project entitled “Composition and Improvisation in the 21st Century”, which has supported six doctoral research projects that deal with the relationship between composition and improvisation as well as the study or creation of new compositional models in the 21st century. Since 2018 our doctoral students have been regular participants in the Eastern Academic Artistic Platform of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), which is led by the Karol Lipinski Music Academy of Wrocław. Six of our doctoral students gave presentations at a conference entitled “Music: the Cultural Bridge. Essence, Contexts, References”.

In October 2020 the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre joined six partner organizations in initiating the RAPP Lap – Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project, aimed at empowering musicians to create new economic and cultural roles by achieving new knowledge through reflectiveness and critical thinking. The project’s participants are composed of graduate and postgraduate students as well as faculty members of the Cologne University of Music (Germany), the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Austria), the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Orpheus Institute (Belgium) and the Santa Cecilia Conservatory (Italy).

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