Theses in Progress

Name, Study Programme Title

Peter Bajetta
Music and Dramatic Art (Composition)

Context-based collaborative composition as a method to spread and incorporate in its practice and fruition ecological issues

Marcelo Chacur Politano
Music and Dramatic Art (Composition)

Contrasting landscapes: rhythmical dissociation as a tool in textural music composition

Tuuri Dede
Music and Dramatic Art (Voice)

Tekstiesituse kujundamine soolovokaalmuusikas kui laulja vokaaltehniline meetod
(Shaping text performance in solo vocal music as a singer’s vocal technical method)

Vittoria Ecclesia
Music and Dramatic Art (Wind instruments)

Iwan Müller’s legacy: a reflection on virtuosity based on his quartets for clarinet and strings

Anna-Liisa Eller
Music and Dramatic Art (Estonian Kannel)

Arrangements from 17th and 18th century instrumental music to Estonian chromatic kannel

Svetlana Grigorjeva
Music and Dramatic Art  (Theatre)

Nüüdistantsu poliitilisus: soolistatud ja klassistatud keha(de) ja kehalisuse performatiivsus 21. sajandil
(The Political Potential of Contemporary Dance: Gendered and Classed Corporeality and its Performativity in the 21st Century)

Sten Heinoja
Music and Dramatic Art (Piano)

Pianisti mänguvõtetest Mart Saare klaveriprelüüdide faktuuri väljakujundamisel
(Features of piano technique in modernist aesthetics. An approach to musical texture in piano preludes by Mart Saar)

Otto Iivari 

Music and Dramatic Art (Composition)

Moving sound: A Choreographic Approach to Spatial Electroacoustic Composition

Kadi Kaja

Muusikaõpetus eesti õppekeelega eesti üldhariduskoolis 1917–2024. Ajaloolis-analüütiline käsitlus
(Music education in Estonian general comprehensive schools (with instruction in Estonian) in 1917–2024. Historical-analytical approach)

Veeda Kala

Klassikalise laulu tekstiselguse saavutamise meetodid ja nende tulemuslikkus muusikaliselt treenitud ja treenimata kuulajate hinnangul
(Methods used to achieve text intelligibility in classical singing and their effectiveness assessed by musically trained and untrained listeners)

Saale Konsap

Rhetorical trajectories of teleological forms in music

Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes

Music and Dramatic Art (Composition)

Loominguline protsess kolme erineva psühholoogilise tüübiga helilooja teose näitel
(Creative Process, illustrated by work of three composers with different psychological types)

Vambola Krigul
Music and Dramatic Art (Percussions)

Practical percussion: are we up-do-date?

Alisson Kruusmaa
Music and Dramatic Art (Composition)

Helilooja töömeetoditest koostöös koreograafiga balleti loomisel
(Composer’s Working Methods in Collaboration with the Choreographer in Creating Ballet)

Maila Laidna
Music and Dramatic Art (Chamber Music)

Analysis of piano duo Anna Klas-Bruno Lukk performance style

Ilana Lode
Music and Dramatic Art (Piano)

Unsuk Chin’s piano concerto: the pianist’s creative processes in relation to the preparation of the piano score

Riho Esko Maimets
Music and Dramatic Art (Composition)

Prayer and music: the synthesizing of temporality and atemporality in Composition

Peeter Margus

Rahvamuusika interpreteerimine kunstmuusikas George Enescu, Fazil Say ja Eduard Tubina teoste viiulile ja klaverile näitel
(Interpretation of Folk Music in Classical Music Based on the Works by George Enescu, Fazil Say and Eduard Tubin for Violin and Piano)

Meeta Morozov

Musicological Activity in the Musicology Department of the Tallinn State Conservatory and in the Estonian Composers’ Union in 1944–1991

Jüri Nael
Music and Dramatic Art (Theatre)

Undoing the patterns: Somatic approach to psychophysical phenomenon in acting

Fabrizio Nastari
Music and Dramatic Art (Composition)

Irony as Creative Element for Music Composition

Kadri Noormets

Koos-komponeeritud elulähedane teater
(Co-composed life size theatre)

Momir Novaković
Music and Dramatic Art (Accordion)


An Accordionist’s Approach to Techniques, Sound and Articulation in Selected Keyboard Instruments’ Repertoire

Tiit Ojasoo
Music and Dramatic Art (Theatre)

Applying psychophysical gestures to enrich the artistic fabric of a production in the context of the European city theatre system

Ene Oltre

Basics in the music theory teaching for beginners in music schools of Estonia

Johan Randvere
Music and Dramatic Art (Piano)

The work progress of a pianist in performing musical form of Jaan Rääts’s piano music

Valle-Rasmus Roots

Dirigendi strateegiad rütmiliselt keerukate teoste esituseks valmistudes: Lepo Sumera teine sümfoonia
(Conductors strategies in preparing for the performance of rhytmically complex works: Lepo Sumera’s Second Symphony)

Heigo Rosin
Music and Dramatic Art (Percussions)

Soloist role in forming the sound picture in Erkki-Sven Tüür’s 4th symphony “Magma”

Ksenia Rossar
Music and Dramatic Art (Chamber Music)

The behaviour of the soprano voice in a partnership with different  instruments in the context of a chamber music duet

Inna Rüü

Singing repertoire in elementary school from the perspective of children voice range profiles

Karl Saks
Music and Dramatic Art (Theatre)

Auditory and visual theatre from the point of view of cognitive and ecological perception

Tiiu Sisask
Music and Dramatic Art (Chamber Music)

Performance-related Issues in Piano Duo Performance of 20 and 21 Century Works

Mantas Šernius
Music and Dramatic Art (Piano)

Interpretational strategies concerning the performing of solo piano music by Stasys Vainiūnas

Elo Tepp
Music and Dramatic Art (Violin)

Edition by Ferdinand David of the works for violin solo by Johann Sebastian Bach as their earliest documented performance

Giacomo Veronesi
Music and Dramatic Art (Theatre)

The Practice of Etude


Ekke Västrik
Electroacoustic Composition

Elektroonilise muusika komponeerimisvõtete ja noodikirja arendamine elektroonilise muusika elavas esituses ettekandmiseks, arvestades instrumentide spetsiifikat ja elektroonilise muusika esteetikat
(Developing electronic music composition techniques and notation for live performance, considering electronic music aesthetics and instrument specifics)