RAPP Lab – Reflection-based Artistic Professional Practice

RAPP Lab is a strategic partnership funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme putting together 7 institutions who will focus on how the reflective methodologies of artistic research empower musicians to creatively respond to the economic-cultural environment with which they are confronted.

RAPP Lab aims and objectives

RAPP Lab is based on the premise that the way of handling artistic material can change through reflection (new practices, concert formats, learning formats etc.). The awareness of strengths, weaknesses, preferences, interdisciplinary competencies can be promoted. This will have effects on learning and teaching in Music HEI and on the continuous personal self-development of musicians as they participate in the civic and social life of the future, and will become their core competence. Having gained new knowledge through reflectiveness and critical thinking empowers students, graduates and teachers to create new economic and cultural roles and as a consequence to increase cultural participation.

These are the main objectives:

  • Widening the knowledge of musical practitioners and the scope of their future education through reflectiveness and critical thinking;
  • Complementing high specialisation in music practice with additional forms of knowledge-production;
  • Developing prototypical forms of teaching, learning and continuous self-development (Labs 1-6);
  • Empowering musicians to create new economic and cultural roles and structures.

RAPP Lab partners


Project coordinator at the EAMT:
prof Kristel Pappel

Project manager:
Theodore Lee Parker