This week, CPPM is thrilled to present a one-week intensive workshop conducted by Külli Roosna from Estonia and Kenneth Flak from Norway. Acclaimed for their pioneering integration of dance, digital art, and technology, Roosna and Flak are set to share their distinct Responsive Body movement technique with CPPM students. The workshop concludes with an open class this Friday, 22 December, at 18:00, in the EAMT black box. This event presents a rare chance for attendees to witness firsthand the innovative methods and artistic synergy that Roosna and Flak are renowned for.


The Responsive Body Workshop

The workshop centres around the Responsive Body practice, a unique methodology by Roosna and Flak. It amalgamates elements from functional anatomy, martial arts, and sensor technology. The workshop aims to cultivate an awareness of the body’s functional connections, starting with fundamental movement exercises. This initial stage is crucial for grounding participants in their physicality and preparing them for more intricate activities.

As the workshop advances, students will delve into diverse sensory experiences. They will develop their capacity to respond to a range of internal and external stimuli by engaging in both individual and partner exercises. This expands their movement vocabulary and improvisational prowess. A standout feature of the workshop is the integration of sensor technology, encouraging students to explore the nexus between bodily movement and sound. This avant-garde approach hones physical skills and fosters inventive thinking at the intersection of human motion and digital technology.


Külli Roosna

Born in 1981, Külli Roosna is a celebrated Estonian dancer, choreographer, and educator. She graduated in choreography/dance from Tallinn University, followed by a second bachelor’s degree from Rotterdam Dance Academy. She also holds an MA in choreography from Tallinn University. Roosna’s extensive career spans collaborations with eminent choreographers and performances worldwide. Her solo performance “Circle Through” received top honours at the International Festival of Modern Choreography in Vitebsk, Belarus. She has also played a significant role in the Estonian Dance Artist Union, both as a board member and head of its Stipendium commission.


Kenneth Flak

Born in 1975, Kenneth Flak is a versatile Norwegian artist who excelled as a dancer, choreographer, composer, and educator. He trained at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Norway and the Amsterdam Arts School in the Netherlands. His accolades include a Bessie Performer’s Award for his role in André Gingras’ solo CYP17 and a nomination for the BNG Award in Amsterdam for his choreography “Of Gods and Driftwood.” As a self-taught composer and creative coder, Flak specialises in crafting music and interactive tools for live choreographies and dance films. He also led the Norwegian Arts Council Commission for Dance from 2018 to 2020.

The intensive workshop at CPPM is poised to be a transformative and enlightening experience for the students, offering a rare chance to engage with two of the foremost innovators in contemporary dance and digital artistry.