METRIC (Modernizing European Higher Music Education through Improvisation) is a cooperative network of several leading European conservatoires and the AEC (European Association of Conservatoires) with the aim to focus on the modernisation of higher music education through intensive international cooperation in the field of improvisation. This aim is based on the conviction of the METRIC institutions that improvisation education can have a notable effect on existing curricula in higher music education institutions.

The topics covered by METRIC include all areas and contexts of improvised music, from stylistic, tonal and modal, through to free improvisation.

METRIC intends to achieve its aim through the following actions that will raise collective interest and awareness among institutions, teachers and students active in the field of improvisation:

  • the organisation of an annual Intensive Programme on improvisation, five full days of workshops and masterclasses held by experienced teachers;
  • the creation and implementation of Joint European Modules in the area of improvisation, designed to share and develop the knowledge, traditions and experiences of the participating institutions by encouraging teachers and students to engage in educational mobility and crossborder cooperation;
  • the maintenance and further development of the website as a resource for information of the work done by the METRIC institutions in the area of improvised music, their related curricular structures, learning and teaching approaches, methodologies and performing practices. The website also contains an exercise archive, a video collection of exercises on the different forms of improvisation, including warm-up games, tonal improvisation, free improvisation, ensembles and cross-arts;
  • the further development of improvisation education through the production of a wide range of articles, videos, essays, research and current improvisation-related events, all of which are presented on the METRIC website. A framework for reliable, objective and creative assessment criteria for improvisation is also offered for consideration and use;
  • the organisation of meetings of the METRIC Steering Group, which consists of representatives of all METRIC institutions, to discuss issues related to network management and exchange views on the latest developments in improvisation education.