Martina Georgina

“Take off your hands!
You shall not fold your arms around me.
Better death than such a one should ever caress me!”
556 Metamorphoses

“The poet Ovid wisely places echo alongside Narcissus.
The eye and the voice, Narcissus’ reflected image, and Echo’s reverberating voice.
The story tells of their impossible reconciliation.”
Cavarero, 2005

Are you experiencing feelings of emptiness?
Do you feel disconnected with your body?
Do you really enjoy spending time with yourself?
Are you tired of pretending you like the people you don’t?

Night_club Narciss_us considers the narcissist found in all. With a specific look into narcissism in sexuality, this piece attempts to reveal the vulnerability within such common narcissistic tendencies.

In Night_club Narciss_us she attempts to bring out the love triangle within herself, echoing what she has witnessed before her.

Martina Georgina (MG) was born on the Island of Malta, where she started a growing project Teatru Santwarju (2015) with the purpose to work with individuals who find sanctuary in building on from their deep fantasies and imagined realities. As director and performer of Teatru Santwarju she has collaboratively made original intimate works such as TS’s debut performance “Limbus! (2016), TS’s latest performance “Lib(r)a” (2017) and short film “VANITAS” (2019) which premiered in Mexico for the FIDanzCA Festival 2019. All works where an attempt to explore the human condition, complexities and possibilities. As much as MG deeply appreciates the magic that comes from collaborative processes, she is at a moment in time where she would like to strengthen her independence and continue to challenge her autonomy as an individual artist. Night_club Narciss_us is MG’s first solo work.

Text: MARTINA GEORGINA with references from the poem “Echo and Narcissus” in OVID’s „Metamorphoses“.
Music: Tangerine Dream and The Ronettes
Special thanks to Keithy Kuuspu, Andreea Tudose, Agnes Oberauer and Marshall Stay

Premiere on 1st February 2020 in Von Krahl Theatre (Tallinn)