This week, we are excited to host the esteemed artist Stacy Makishi, who will lead the much-anticipated “Killing Time” workshop exclusively for CPPM students.

Stacy Makishi, a dynamic and versatile artist from Hawaii, is renowned for her multi-form approach encompassing live art, film, visual art, and physical theatre. She has graced stages at prestigious venues like the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Royal Albert Hall, TATE Modern, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. With over 30 years of experience as a facilitator, Stacy brings a unique blend of creativity and spontaneity to her workshops, engaging students in a transformative learning process.

This is not the first time CPPM students have had the opportunity to learn from Stacy. In 2019, she conducted a workshop for a previous cohort, which was met with resounding admiration and students and faculty eagerly anticipate her return to CPPM this year.


Killing Time Workshop

During the “Killing Time” workshop, Stacy will focus on encouraging students to:

  • Move Faster Than Think: Instilling a sense of spontaneity in creation.
  • Create Faster Than Critique: Emphasizing the importance of the creative process over self-judgment.
  • Resist Resistance: Helping students to overcome creative obstacles.
  • Pulverize Procrastination: Teaching strategies to maintain artistic momentum.

Stacy Makishi’s approach is not just about teaching art; it’s about unleashing the potential within each artist, challenging them to explore beyond their limits.

You can see the workshop results in an open class on Saturday, 9 December, at 19:00 at EAMT black box.