In a bid to attract exceptional talent, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) has unveiled a remarkable opportunity for prospective students enrolling in the Contemporary Physical Performance Making (CPPM) course. EAMT is pleased to announce the availability of eight partial tuition fee waivers, aiming to ease the financial journey of aspiring students.

These scholarships are structured into two tiers: four scholarships that generously provide a 50% reduction on the full tuition fee and an additional four that offer a 25% reduction. The direct application of these scholarships serves to alleviate the financial burden on students, with the reduction (25% or 50%) subtracted from the total tuition fee for the academic year.

For example, EU applicants with a full tuition fee of €7000 will witness a reduced fee of €5250 with a 25% scholarship and a further decrease to €3500 with a 50% scholarship per academic year. Similarly, non-EU applicants with a full tuition fee of €13000 will experience reductions to €9750 and €6500, respectively.

The allocation of these scholarships for the first academic year is contingent upon audition outcomes, with four candidates set to receive a 50% discount and another four benefiting from a 25% discount. Each scholarship remains valid for one academic year.

In the subsequent academic year, all CPPM students will have the opportunity to vie for eight similar scholarships based on academic performance, artistic dedication, and overall course contribution, as determined by the CPPM course committee.

Additionally, EAMT extends its support to CPPM students by offering a result-based scholarship. The student with the highest academic performance each term is awarded 100 euros per month, a recognition of their dedication and excellence. This scholarship is granted at the beginning of each term, acknowledging academic achievements from the preceding term.

Prospective candidates and current students eager to explore these scholarship opportunities can find comprehensive details on CPPM Course Detail page.