Staff mobility




The ERASMUS+ programme allows lecturers and other employees to go on exchanges. An exchange can be organised in two directions:

  • an EAMT employee going to a foreign country (including both academic and administrative employees)
  • an employee from a foreign country coming to EAMT (including both academic and administrative employees)

The lecturer and employee exchange grant covers two types of mobility:

  1. Teaching assignments that cover regular Erasmus exchanges with the purpose of teaching at a partner university.
  2. Staff training which covers the training of university employees (including academic employees) both at partner universities as well as companies and other such organisations.

Criteria for participating

One criteria for university employees to be able to participate in the Erasmus programme is contractual employment at a university participating in the programme. A participant in the programme must be an employee of the sending institution (including while under an employment, services or agency contract). It is possible to teach at universities acknowledged within the programme, which have signed a contract of cooperation with the sending university.

Duration of the mobility

The minimum duration of the mobility for lecturers, university employees and incoming teachers/lecturers is two days (excluding travel days). Therefore, the recommended duration of the mobility is a minimum of 4 days (taking into account the 2-day minimum for the subject and two additional travel days).

Mobility for the purposes of teaching has an additional requirement concerning the length of studies – a minimum of 8 teaching hours per two days and, for longer periods of mobility, per week. Wherein a week is 5 working days across 7 days. According to the ERASMUS+ programme, employees participating in mobility can receive travel grants and a subsistence grant.

For additional information for outgoing employees:

Mari Köhler
EAMT Erasmus coordinator
Phone: +372 667 5760

For additional information for incoming lecturers:

Kai Kiiv
International relations specialist
Phone: +372 667 5721